Thursday, October 30, 2014

Super Star Quilts Magazine by Better Homes and Gardens-Passing Along

  Find a link to this new magazine here  I just got it in the mail today-a beautiful magazine with lots of patterns.

   I am on the survey panel for Better Homes and Gardens-and they surprise me a couple of times a year with a free magazine. This one is another wonderful magazine but I don't like star patterns-I love stars-but not in quilts I guess-lol   
   I would like to pass this along for the price of shipping-I can't afford the shipping right now-this needs to go priority since it is over the first class weight and can not go media mail do to the ads. I think $5.00 should cover the shipping costs in the USA. I would consider Canada and international but need to figure the shipping costs.
    The magazine sells for $12.99  and this is a brand new magazine.

    send me an email if interested-first person requesting gets the magazine-I will wait a week for the shipping costs and then pass on to the next person.

Final Mark Down on Several Items

In my sellers blog and also a link from my facebook page you will find a post with a sampling of photos of several items I have marked down.

The listing will end on Etsy November 6th and will not be re listed.

Go here for more information You will find several rust dyed pieces, a large piece of fabric for quilters in greens, a weaving book, and sun dyed on reclaimed lining material-would make a wonderful lining for a little purse or used in crazy quilting.

thanks for looking

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Believe Fall Has Arrived

  We finally are making the switch into Autumn-no more mid 80s but rather mid 60s, some rain and falling leaves. Tonight and through Saturday evening we will be getting our freeze.  So I think I will cover up my impatients so I can enjoy them a little longer.

   Here is a link to my seller's blog  where I just posted about upcoming Christmas sales and phasing out my Etsy shop and only selling on my seller's blog. I am not selling hardly anything on Etsy, so have decided to take the plunge and quit listing there. A hard decision for me cause I really liked my shop but if I am not selling than I need to bite the bullet and close down. Everything I sell that is in my shop-by end of January will be on my seller's blog-I will also post items for sale on my sellers facebook page 

  We are getting some wood split and stacked-we did enough today to load up the flatbed truck-I just need to unload and stack. We are working with some huge-really huge rounds so we can only both work for about an hour a day. But I am seeing progress lol

  I decided to totally re arrange some things in the house. We are into the mountain man era, and Larry had handmade many items for his persona-Little Hawk. So I set up a display in one room so we could enjoy the pieces-but calico kitty refuses to stay out of it. Soooo I decided to make a huge change and set up the display in the living room corner on the other side of the wood stove-my desk is on the opposite side near the wood stove. Kitty is usually not in the living room, and I just set up a liter box for her-now that it will be getting colder-if she behaves she can sleep inside at night. We have had her for at least 12 years, and back then we could tell she was a house kitty-most of the time she is really good and tells us she wants outdoors-but sometimes not-lol so hoping this works out.

   Have you been watching the world series-I am loving the KC Royals so they are my baseball team now. I find them very fun and exciting to watch. Hope the can pull out a win tonight-as I am sure the Giants have rested up their top pitchers for tonight.

    Off to pick some salad greens for supper tonight.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

  I was invited by friend Tammy to participate in this event. I don't usually do these, but since this one was art and creativity related I decided it would be fun to participate in.

  Find Tammy's post here I was drawn to Tammy's blog because I enjoy her beautiful photos, crochet pieces, shared food and recipes, and also for her positive and happy posts. Tammy was tagged by her friend here which I wanted to also share-she has a beautiful post too.

    I enjoy reading blogs that inspire me, make me happy, learn new things from, and for the meaningful and caring friends I have met inside my computer. I am retired, l live very rural, don't get out much-but I can visit the world through friendships here in my blog. and I really Treasure and Love that.

We were to answer a few questions about our creative process.

How does my work differ from others?

I delve mostly into the natural fiber arts and natural dyeing. My work probably differs cause I am self taught, I do allot of recycling-quilts made from cotton shirts found at the resale shops mostly, wool, silk, and linen also found at the resale shops.
     I rarely make what is trending, I just create as I am inspired to do so. I usually have several pieces going on at the same time quilt in progress, warp on the loom, embroidery-or hand quilting, I also have a rug hooking project in the works, and ideas in my head for eco printing onto cloth, and soon a wool crazy quilt purse

Why do I write/create what I do?

Before retirement I worked very long hours-two jobs and a long commute to my main job. I did not have children to raise but I still worked at having a nice home for my husband and myself. This left very little time to create-I did do a little weaving, but not allot-was a great way to relax and de stress.
    Upon retirement in September 2003 exploring my creativity was very important to me. It makes me feel good, inspires me to learn new things, and I love the process. At this time in my life-mid 60's its important to me to keep myself inspired-and creating things does that for me.

How does my writing/creating process work?

When I am creating a fiber art piece-I do not totally plan it all out. I will have an idea-grab fabrics, needle felting supplies, and other components-and just start. The process evolves til I am finished. I worked this way when I was swapping hand made cards too. 
   When I weave I do follow a pattern, choose my yarns and weave. However, soon I plan to start weaving the soari method which is spontaneous-one just weaves and creates with no pattern in mind.
    If I make a quilt, I also go by a pattern for the most part, but I always change up the fabrics and colors, and perhaps change the borders-I am not one to purchase a kit and make something that many other people are making.
    Sometimes I will purchase a pattern that had inspired me at a quilt show event-but I always change it up-wool instead of cotton appliques as an example

Hand Dyed Eco Clothing     Silk on Silk  Woman's Blouse

Silk on silk blouse-this was allot of fun to dye  This is the first piece that when I listed it for sale, a customer fell in love with it and purchased a few weeks after it was in my shop

Autumn in the Ozarks Hand Dyed Fabric Collection 5  free shipping within USA

I like to hand dye cottons for quilters and fiber artists These are fat 1/8's

My first fiber art piece-includes rust dyed cotton, quilt squares, and lots of needle felting with silk noil and wool roving this piece has sold

Handwoven shrug with organic cotton, wool, mohair, flax  Really love this pattern, very comfy and warm to wear.

Flower Pounded Lavender Mini Pillow

A few years after we moved here I went to a quilt retreat nearby and learned about flower pounding-this was one of my first pieces I filled it with rice and dried lavender buds

Hand Dyed Lundgren 2 Ply Rug Yarn Dyed With Missouri Pokeberry

This was my first attempt with dyeing wool yarn with poke berries-so pleased with the color 

What am I working on?

Right now I am still collecting leaves for eco printing onto cloth. I enjoy finding garments at the resale shops to repurpose into something new-either by hand dyeing, transferring colors of silk ties onto silk garments, or my new found technique eco printing. I do have a scarf and a blouse in the works now.

I  have a rug hooking piece that needs to get finished this winter, I am putting a new warp onto the  loom to make a shawl with wool and alpaca for a friend, I am in the thought process now for a new fiber art piece-mixed reclaimed wools especially and needle felting with wool and silk.

 I am hand embroidering some large blocks and will sew them  into quilts with lots of autumn homespun cotton fabrics. I have two of those quilts I would like to make and will tie them up-faster way for me to get a quilt to use. I have made many quilts in the past that I gave away for soldiers returning from the war, or those needing a hug-so love quilts were made. It is now time for me to make a few quilts for us. 

I also have collected lots of beads and wool this past year to make a wool crazy quilt purse-so that will be in the works too. I am excited to start this one.

  I tell my friends-I am never bored-how could I be-always something new to learn about and to create. I do have a search tool here in my blog-just put in weaving,  quilting, crazy quilt , hand dyeing, rug hooking  etc. to find posts and more photos about my creative projects..

I have tagged three friends to continue the Around The World Blog Hop.
    Loretta has been a long time friend, she is a gardener and an artist and recently retired.  Her post is up now-link will take you there.

    Heidi has also been a long time friend of mine. Heidi loves to make things too and she loves sharing her photography. Watch for her post on November 4th

   Carol is a new friend that I found here on Blogger when this became my new primary blog a few years ago. Carol is from Missouri too, an artist, and like me makes different things,and she takes beautiful photos of her garden. Watch for her post on November 4th

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Couple Photos from my "Backyard" Especially for Friend Mitch

     I grabbed the camera and went for a little walk around the house-did not go into the woods cause it is pretty chilly right now. Rain all around us but not here so we will be cloudy today.

  I have to say just for fun: Go KC Royals awesome game last nite.

Most of our oaks don't give pretty colors they usually go right to brown, but this year some yellows and a little red is peaking through before the brown. Also the brown leaves stay on the trees til spring when the new leaves push them off-never knew that til we moved here.

We do have two maple trees near the house that give pretty colors, and the poison ivy on the trees gives beautiful yellows to reds. Reds from sumac, and I am loving our sweetgum tree more now-since it does a great job printing onto cloth.

The oaks are loaded-really loaded with acorns this year-so that tells me this could be a cold winter.

I took a couple photos looking through the garden fence-my beautiful pineapple sage and the nasturums are doing better now than they did in all summer

No sign of our Canada Goose family since mid summer-hoping we will see them again nest spring. all photos will enlarge

We seem to usually get our first hard frost around October 16th but so far no frost here-not even a light one. So my impatients are still looking lovely.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Still Gorgeous Weather Here-long catch up

 We are having an amazing October here in the ozarks-and the leaves are more gorgeous than normal do to lack of the usual rain that knocks them all off the trees-so loving that.

  What is worrisome to me-still no firewood-none except what I stacked up near the house-that's it. As you get older all of your equipment gets older right along with ya-so we were in need of new batteries for the dozer-which knocks down the trees, another battery for the flat bed one ton which carries the wood, and the log splitter-which I still don't think is running-all those batteries cost allot of money-lol  We also had chain saw problems too, but I think he may have two running now. We also have skid stears still down, and the mower is all busted up now since last summer, we were lucky on that score though a neighbor did a cutting for us in september-so it would be nicer for deer camp.
      Even without having outside animals-chickens, livestock etc. there is still much to be done when living rural. I love it though and hope we can figure out how to stay here as we get much older-don't like city living at all.

   This weekend we are to be in the 80s-imagine that? Love it though as I have yard work still that I am working on getting caught up on-to make spring gardening easier for me. We got more compost in so working on putting a thick layer down on the garden-and working on clearing the weeds just outside my garden fence and putting compost there too-I want to plant some dye plants for me to work with, and wild flowers there for the birds and honey bees Something I did not get to this spring. That area has really bad wild grasses and weeds that has been difficult to get rid of, even after spraying weed killer on it twice this year-which I don't like to use unless I just have to. I am thinking I will find me some black plastic to lay over this til spring and see if that helps kill the weeds off
       My pineapple sage is amazing this year-I have never had one get as big as a tall bush and covered with flowers. I don't think it will winter over-but if it does I will dig it up and replant outside of the garden so it gets full sun and does not take up so much space. I even spotted full size tomato plants that grew from seeds, and the one sweet pepper plant that is left is blooming now. I did plant a little salad greens in one of the raised beds up by the house so we can have fresh salad greens-and amazing to me I left all the pole beans up in the garden and when I was putting out compost I checked and they were loaded with beans-I ended up filling a 5 gallon bucket full-that was pretty special for this time of year.

  On the creativity side-I am pleased with my eco printed blouse after it dried-it did fade to a softer print. Now to let it sit a bit on a hanger-then I will press, and wash it. My scarf was a disappointment-I didn't want to use the iron solution on the leaves for most of the leaves on that piece-and most did not transfer-so I will just re do it later on and see what happens.
    I still do not have the new warp on the loom-will be making a shawl from alpaca for a long time blog friend-a good winter project after deer camp. I am also determined this winter to get my big loom set up too-I really would love to weave us some bath towels first on that.
     I did bring out the embroidery the other evening while watching the Royals play. I had sent my Mom a little over a year ago some embroidery blocks that I will put into a quilt for us. Before her alzheimers advanced to the really bad stage-She had gotten a couple finished, and I just finished the other piece she had started-and I started a new block. Thought I would sew up a Turning 20 pattern quilt with these blocks-I have lots of homespun fabrics that need to get used up. This will make into a cozy woodsy quilt. I am working down my better quality quilt fabrics and selling off most of my quilt books too-I have decided there is no reason to keep them around-as I am getting more involved in weaving and natural dyes. I have been doing better selling my books on Amazon than I was on ebay or etsy-they take a bigger cut but at least I am finding homes for these now.  I still need to decide about my most favorite fabrics my 1800s that I have allot of. Don't want to be hasty in selling them, but not sure I can hand quilt a queen size quilt any more-I will decided this winter about that.

    For Deer camp mid November I had planned on making a seafood gumbo for Friday nite-but I have now decided to change that to a huge spiral ham with lots of fun veggie sides-allot less costly in the end and I won't need to be concerned about the timing of the gumbo for serving. (no one wants over cooked seafood) I have been on Pinterest looking for new veggie ideas.

    Well I have written a book I see lol but this is pretty much my catch up-if you didn't see my post about swapping art cards or small art pieces and would like to do that with me go here and sign up-all the details are listed on that blog post-international included. I think I only have 3 that have signed up so far.

  Go have an awesome week!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I am Pleased with my First Eco Printed Silk Blouse

For my first attempt I am very happy with this piece, I need to learn a better wrapping technique for clearer prints all over but I am happy that most of the leaves did print for me. The larger leaves are sweet gum, I also added allot  of maple leaves, couple of hickory, and sprinkled all over the blouse dried red onion skins-the outer layer.

This silk blouse was still really wet, so I have it laying on towels on top of one of my larger freezers. After dry I will decided if I want to fill in spots with more leaves.

The first photo is the front view, second back view, third is a sleeve, and last a close up of a sweet gum leaf

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Canning Update-Mushrooms in Jars

  This project is always well worth all the time-but getting older now I can feel it today for sure. I emptied the second filled canner around 10:30 pm last nite-so it was a 12 hour day with about a 90 minute to 2 hour break at supper time.

  My farm girl Grandma always said when something is in abundance then can for a couple years cause it probably will not be available the following year-I always remembered that and this is very true-especially with the wild mushrooms. This is the first good mushroom year we have had here since 2011

  I ended up with 27 jars mostly 1/2 pints, the few taller jars are just a little over 1/2 pint.

  They are all washed and rinsed and when dry will label and then figure out where to put them-lol  The very little space I have for my home canned goods is all filled up so I have been storing in boxes. Now to get back to cleaning house, still no wood in yet-now we are having trouble with old batteries-sigh (for the flatbed farm truck and log splitter)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Surprise-More Mushrooms to Can-Hen of the Woods

  Mr L dropped by this morning all excited-he found a 20 pound hen of the woods mushroom. So I have been busy busy with this project today-soaked in salt water, cleaned, cut up to size for canning-soaked again in salt water, and just now started the first batch in the steamer-this will be an hour or two just getting all this steamed; 20 minutes per batch but I do have two steamers with two sections each-a large and a small one so that helps allot
   I am hoping I have enough canning lids left not sure how many 1/2 pints this will be -thinking close to 35-40 jars, this is another mushroom that the conditions need to be right-and we have the perfect enviroment for the wild mushrooms to grow this fall.-love that
   We love this mushroom on homemade pizza too or in any recipe that calls for mushrooms-these are very meaty and mild-good tasting.

Photos will enlarge

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Sunshine is Back & First Attempt at Printing Nature on Fabric

Yeah for sunshine and no rain for a bit-hoping we can get some firewood cut and split in the coming days. Going out now to check the temperature.

I spent most of the day doing my monthly shopping in town yesterday-always good to get that out of the way. I am loving it that Aldi has a new gluten free line of foods-and most are just awesome-and affordable.

I unbundled my first nature printing onto cloth go here for more photos and information if interested.

Go KC Royals-what a fun fun team to watch-like the players and this team much better that the Cardinals-both in Missouri. The Royals are now in the finals-fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thinking About a Swap

  Good morning,  I was reading a few blogs this morning-t storms here have finally moved on, and was reading about a little Christmas Swap taking place in Europe.

  Remember the art swaps we did in the past? I really enjoyed that allot but the price to ship overseas from the US has really gotten extravagant and just too expensive now-at least for me on a limited income. 
   So I was thinking of swapping handmade cards, or an atc. with international and swapping here in the states we could go with handmade cards, atc, or something handmade that is small and light.

    This is a little Christmas spirit for me, as we have no family to speak of and it is just fun for me to open mail and to enjoy making something for you too-my friends in my computer.

   I want us to have lots of time with all the holidays coming up so if interested sign up cut off date is October 31st, and mail out date by December 5th at the latest.  The cards can be an autumn, Thanksgiving theme or Christmas up to you. So if you have a busy time beginning with Thanksgiving-just make and mail early. Or does not have to be a holiday theme-what ever your creative muse inspires you to make.

  Just to be clear-this is a one to one swap with me-if there should be allot of interest this time I will set up swap partners-so this is with one partner one swap

Monday, October 13, 2014

Looking Out My Bay Window-Oh My What a Treat

This is a very young Cooper's Hawk. We missed the event but from the evidence of all the feathers-he flew in for a cardinal. We got to enjoy his visit for about 30 minutes.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Lovely Yellow Out of the Dye Pot Yesterday

I am so pleased with this yellow-was taken out of the dye pot as soon as I saw this yellow-as we know what happens if it stays in a bit too long.  
     My new approach is to also let it totally dry for a few days indoors before rinsing. Anxious to see if this helps with the yellow as well as it did with the pokeberry.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Thursday & in the Dye Pot Today & Catch Up

  This may be our last 80 degree day for the season-has been nice for me as I have been gathering up more natural items for the dye pot. I have a pretty good box full of leaves now that are being weighted down. I am waiting for more color though that I can reach in the trees-most of the colors are still up on top of the trees.

   We had another batch of goldenrod bloom with the warmer weather so I decided to collect some of the flowers again, add mimosa leaves and marigold flowers to hopefully get a really pretty yellow. I was planning on dyeing alpaca fibers for felting projects and to sell-but I didn't realize it was so dirty with dried vegetation matter and put it in the soap water-what a mess I have on my hands now-so this morning I took it out to dry and hopefully I can get the veggie matter out better when dry. I should have known better to go through it first-I had gotten a really good price from a seller on Etsy for 2nds and unwashed.

  Soooo I weighed out some white wool roving that I had purchased this summer and will dye that first. In another mordant bath I have a silk-wool scarf that I forgot I had and added a couple pieces of scrap white wool fabric. So I am thinking the roving will go in the dye pot first-pull that out as soon as I see yellow, and add the other pieces in. The scarf and wool fabric will be fine if not the yellow, actually depending on the color I get for those I may just add in some yellow onion skins to the pot.

   The silk scarf I will try my first project imprinting leaves and see what happens-soooo-- fun in the dye pot today. I am anxious to try the imprinting-I may even add some silk tie pieces to it not sure though since the scarf has wool in it too.

   I am kinda stiff and sore today-washed allot of the house windows on the outside yesterday, washed up all the hummingbird feeders too, and the day before brought up some wood for the rack by the house-we are sooooo late in getting our wood in this year-trouble with chain saws not running, flat tire on the log splitter, and I don't think hubby is really up to the task this year-I have suggested looking for some help-we have no back up heat here so we gotta get the wood in-it will happen-just getting anxious about it now-we have rain coming in through to next tuesday so the season will only get colder etc.

    I finished reading Nicholas Sparks latest novel the Longest Ride-excellent as always. I just ordered one of his older books the Guardian which sounded really good. really all of his books are excellent and about half of them have been in the movies. I re read the Best of Me which has been re released and will be a movie. That was the first book of his that I had read. That one is a tear jerker, I usually read his books in one or two days-can't put it down-and gotta know what happens-lol Glad I re read the Best of Me cause I had read the end chapters so fast the first time, that I missed something that came up within the book from the beginning. I don't take the time to do allot of reading but I am working on getting all of his books read.

I don't usually watch baseball but both of the Missouri teams are in. I am having fun with everyone else here cheering on the Royals. First in 29 years that they have made it so far-and the sweep of the Angels was epic.

I am cleaning house too-kinda slow at that and deer camp will be here before I know it-mid November so busy busy here in my woods

So how have you all been? 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Little Show and Tell from Recent Swaps, Mail Surprises and Tea Cup Exchange (Updated October 23rd)

I thought I would share my latest swaps for beautiful items in exchange for items from my Etsy shop. (click to enlarge photos)

Isn't this piece just lovely? I really enjoy wearing this very much. I am sorry I misplaced my notes to tell you the name of the stones, and there are fresh water pearls too. The jewelry artist is Jackie at Kydo Jewellery. I traded a vintage piece of lavender suede.

The above pieces were a surprise from my long time blog friend Deb the Gardener-who is now mostly on facebook and rarely blogs. We have been sending along little surprises in the mail to each other for several years now. Deb recently went to Peru and sent me skeins of beautiful alpaca yarn. I decided to surprise her back and weave her a shawl with the yarn-but needed a little more. So in the box with the rest of the alpaca yarn my friend sent along lots of little goodies, among them this fun jewelry. Deb is getting back to making jewelry pieces again

 don't ya just love surprises?? I love surprises in the mail especially.

These next pieces are wet felted from my friend Barbara at Pinelands Treasures  I wanted a close up of her pretty little felted bowl so it got a little out of focus on me.I traded the bowl for my limited edition herbal sore muscles balm. The little dreamer was a surprise.
      I have not tried wet felting yet-and I just admire all that Barb creates. I have them sitting on top of crocheted pieces that were a surprise gift from my friend Tammy at T's Daily Treasures this past summer. These are all sitting on my desk so I can enjoy them while working at my computer.

And lastly just for fun I decided to join a tea cup exchange-at Stephanie's  The Enchanted Rose.  I just got my package in the mail today and I was so pleased-She double wrapped everything in cotton quilt batting left overs-but plenty big enough for me to use in a project. She made that little fabric piece and filled it with teas. Sent along a nice note and a postcard of a spinner-everything was totally color coordinated as well-including the pink tape on the outside of the box-and I love this cup-it's big and I love the colors too-along with drinking tea, I think this cup will be perfect for a cup of hot cocoa too.
    I didn't think about taking photos of what I had mailed out to my swap partner-a different person than whom I received from. I mailed out a beautiful vintage tea cup from Japan, along with several teas-hope she enjoyed.

I am blessed to have such wonderful friends online

Thank yous to all of you with big Hugs.

a Different Idea for Making your own Garments

undefined   I found this on Facebook in one of my groups, shared by India Flint--this is a free pdf titled Free Cutting by Julian Roberts for designing garments   Those of us that make our own cloth especially may find this interesting and perhaps a "jumping" off place for designing a garment.  Instead of selling the designer is offering this as a free pdf and we are encouraged to share and pass it along.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Bit of a Catch Up Before the T Storms Hit

Good Morning Thursday  

   I have not posted much lately as I have been canning up mushrooms, making apple juice and sauce to can-and I had been dyeing lots of yarn and fibers too. We ended up with lots of canned mushrooms-yeah.

  I have also swapped again with a couple other blog friend-artists that I will share soon with photos.

  Also I am excited to have found some very cool groups on facebook-another reason I wanted to be on there. I have found a couple natural dye groups, saori weaving-great inspiration there, gluten free recipe sharing, wet felting-which I have yet to try and my latest that I am really excited about is Nature Printing.  
    Amazing results using nature's leaves and flowers to imprint on to fabric or watercolor papers with different techniques and natural dyes. I joined this group just in time as I learned late summer early fall is the time to collect leaves-as all the dye that is in the plant will go into the leaves before it drops. 

  So I have been out in my woods for a few days gathering leaves that I am pressing flat inside a big cardboard box-so more fun adventures in the dye pot this winter.

  Can you believe we were almost at 90 degrees here in the Ozarks yesterday? That is pretty warm for this time of year. Today my area will be getting the big T storms with lots of rain that will be coming through soon. Behind it brings a cold front that will drop us 20 degrees-normal though for this area-that does bring along the threat of bad storms. I will be turning off all the electronics soon. and unplugging my computer from the wall as well-lol don't want a repeat of a fried computer and printer again

  Have an awesome-and creative day.  What you all been up to??


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