Monday, September 1, 2014

Was Able to go Around the Facebook Tech Problem

  I woke up this morning, and one friend had sent me a link on how to like a page as my business page-one of my problems-from this though I discovered that my business page being trapped in this Business Manager program of fb had my shop pretty much useless.  

  Then I remembered I still had my old soap page their getting ready to be deleted cause I had combined my etsy shops into one shop-soooo I just re activated that shop and changed it over to my new shop--So now things seem to be working again. I have my shop that is trapped in the business manager program set as not published-so I will just leave that there and wait for when I come across how to get rid of that.

  I am only blogging about this-to let any of you that may be considering using that facebook program-not to-I talked with a computer tech friend of mine-and he had no clue how to get out of that program, and I ran into a question page-with my same problem of many people that wanted out but couldn't.

With this problem I realized there is no direct connect with a facebook tech person for help-you are on your own-which I think is the case here on blogger too.  If one is not up on computer tech stuff-these problems are really troublesome.

We finally have rain moving into my area-a really good thing. We got a down pour this morning and more rain to come. I did get myself outdoors yesterday and pulled all the veggie plants that were in my two raised beds. They need to be filled back up with more compost and then I want to plant kale, swiss chard, spinach and other fall type greens. Sometimes we have really warmish weather with no freeze til almost the end of October-so worth planting a few salad veggies.

I am thinking for supper tonight to inside grill two beautiful large portobello mushrooms and make them into sandwiches I also have a very large onion-like really large-that I may just go find my gluten free onion rings and make some of those tonight. 

I am off to work on my bear piece-I just fused down one of my own hand dyes for the back with the mistyfuse-and left plenty of material on the edges to bring forward and make into a binding-will see how that works for hand sewing down though, as the front is really stiff-may need to think up another idea for finishing.-Later


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