Friday, September 5, 2014

Should be the Last of Summer's 90's and High Humidity Today & Photos of Upcoming Dye Project -Updated on Saturday

 Was outdoors early this morning to avoid the extreme heat. I finished up my other raised bed with more compost-and got both beds planted with turnip tops, beets, mini carrots, different lettuce's, spinach, kale, radishes, and several oriental greens. So if the rain comes through later today my seeds are in-yeah-It is probably about 2 weeks late getting these in, but it has been so hot here the last couple of weeks. I can always cover them on the chilly nights.

  I also went out and gathered goldenrod. This time I was really choosy-no leaves, cut off the spent blooms and took flowers at their very peak. I decided to add some of my dried mimosa leaves to the pot.-I am getting set up this morning-have the wool soaking in a scour soap, getting ready to mordant with alum for wool, and was getting ready to set up the dye pot-and decided to re read my notes on mimosa-good thing I did as I am suppose to soak over night. I have this book-excellent book for your natural dye library and here is an excerpt I found online for mimosa   The mordant process is a couple hours so just as well to do the dyeing tomorrow-the yarn can stay in the mordant bath overnight. 

  I just took a couple of photos-the goldenrod flowers, the mimosa leaves soaking (those two will be combined together for yellow dye) and two skeins of wool yarn in the mordant bath. (click to enlarge photos)

  I have been gathering up all my dye pots and supplies, and found a big pot I need-yeah-I also have a huge stainless steel pot that I love to dye in-gives the yarns lots of room-I usually use that outdoors on the fire-but hard to control temps-so I brought it up to the house and will see if I can use it on my wolf-I have a 10 burner wolf commercial stove-so hopefully it will work-may need a step stool to see into the pot though-lol 

  Happy friday everyone

Saturday update on dye project here 


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