Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Have Poke Berries

  I went out searching our property this morning where I thought I might have a few plants and only was able to harvest a few stems of berries. I am surprised with the birds and wildlife eating them that they aren't all over the place like the wild blackberries are.

  However, our friend Mr L called and said to come over cause he had picked a few wal mart bags full- I was so excited. I was even more excited as we pulled into his driveway there was a huge stand of poke berries. So with one area being ripe I picked a nice bag full, and with Mr L's I have been going through them and cutting off the green berries and the moldy ones. I left them on the stems-too much more work to get the berries off the stems. 
    Going with the link I posted previously from Carol Leigh's recipe I am going to need a couple more wal mart bags full to have enough, to dye the 8 ounces of wool. Mr L thinks with the 90's we are having today and tomorrow- more of the berries should get ripe. We have a huge cool down coming in on Saturday probably with some rain too. So I was hoping to get what I needed before then.

  I also noticed that allot of the goldenrod is ready to harvest-so tomorrow morning early I will be harvesting a bunch of that and get a dye pot of wool ready to go. I need to get some wool into a alum mordant bath.

These berries are really really juicy so I worked outdoors-so hot out there too. I can see now why it is difficult to get a colorfast color on wool with these berries. I had three fingers that turned into a deep magenta color-seeped through  the leather gloves-but with soap and water it washed right off-easily. Unlike the stain from black walnut hulls-now that's a different story-you will have brown fingers for over a week  yep been there done that lol


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