Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Thursday and Sharing Other's Etsy Shops

  Good morning everyone. Much needed rain arrived here yestereday. The day before I finished pulling all the spent tomato plants etc, just need to pull the pole beans, and I still have pretty flowers blooming around the edges near the fence-zinnias, marigolds and nasturums. 
     I had purchased a bag of lime in the spring that didn't get put out so I spread that all over the garden and then started using up the last of the compost-got one side done. So the rain came at a perfect time to soak in the lime for next year's garden.

   I am still working on getting enough pokeberry stems and berries to dye another batch of wool. I have collected 15 ounces now but need double or triple that to make it worth the 2 day process and the long cooking times. I have one large plant in the back food plot that is mostly all green so I go back and check every couple days or so. Mr L also has a plant that is mostly green too.

  Next big project is getting our firewood in-this is getting more difficult as we get older-we just have be more careful, work at a slower pace and I am thinking only 2 hours at a time tops.

   I have done more swapping for my etsy items and other's wonderful handmade items-I will be sharing soon.

   I also wanted to share some of my blog readers Etsy shops, I will be sharing more shops in the future. Go here to read about them and to visit. Also next Monday my giveaway will be drawn-and sadly I only have about 3 people in the draw-so if interested go to above link and then look at August's posts to find the giveaway.

   Enjoy your Thursday.



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