Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy First Day of Autumn and Giveaway Results

I will have to say this is the absolute lowest turn out for one of my giveaways-so I guess you all are getting bored with them-lol  This giveaway was to help promote my new Seller's and Artist Blog here on Blogger. 

I thought I would post here in case the winners are not following my other blog.

Since I only had a small handful-3 to sign up I will send you each a little something in the coming week. So if Gene, Barbara of Pineland Treasures, and Carol in Missouri would send me your address again I will get a little something from my shop in the mail to you. Those of you that quilt and sew would prefer one of my hand dyes let me know.

I do still have in the running a free bar of soap for my 25th follower in my seller blog-see link in left sidebar.

I have been busy busy with canning applesauce and wild mushrooms over the weekend. More to can up this week. I will be canning the delicate chanterele or trumpet mushrooms next, a few more coral mushrooms and more apples. So a busy week ahead.

I need to rinse out the rest of my alpaca fibers that were dyed with pokeberry too. I did rinse out the wool fabric piece-and really wierd on that one; after much rinsing-all the pretty dye just washed right out I ended up with a molted brown color. So there must have been something on the fibers that the synthropal soap did not remove. It will work fine for applique though. I washed the handful of alpaca fibers that were beige in color and I lost very little color. So I will show photos once I get the rest all rinsed out and dried. This color is a little different-has a little orange showing through-really love it.

Enjoy your week!


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