Thursday, September 11, 2014

Feels Like Autumn Has Arrived Today

  No sunshine, lots of clouds, a little rain, and only in the 60s today-yep feels like fall.

  The two skeins of wool that were dyed with the pokeberry were dry this afternoon so I rinsed them gently in lukewarm water and--- happy dancing with the good results-lost very little of the color depth-just a bit-so I guess I did this right.       Any of you reading this and would want to do this some day or if you have done it and did not get the color to "stick" to the wool-I would highly suggest using the recipe I had posted a link to by Carol Leigh-she has the method figured out-especially needing an acid dye bath and an acid mordant-and I think not rinsing right away at the end of the dyeing-which is usually done for other natural dyes, leaving the yarn in the dye bath over night or til the bath cools down-and then squeezing out the excess liquid and laying out to dry first before rinsing really adds to the color set. 
   So I am very pleased with my first attempt and am ready to do another batch. My friend Mr L has a large clump of pokeberries that he is watching for me to get ripe.

   A friend of hubby's-the one he met and visited with in Pennsylvania sent me a fleece bright orange backpack to dye for him-he wants to tone down the orange. There is no fiber content at all on the bag, so I am really assuming that it is polyester. I have procion dyes on hand that is a chemical dye for cotton, wood, reeds, and it did say possibly polyester-so I decided to give it a go. I had a chocolate brown that I thought would really tone down the color. I went through the whole process-scoured the bag with a special soap, soaked in soda ash, made the dye up and added in non iodized salt. With gloves I smooshed the fabric into  the dye after pouring it on the bag to really saturate it first. This is to set for 24 hours and then rinse and wash again with scour soap. I checked a bit ago and really doesn't look the color is going to absorb into the fabric. It did absorb pretty well into some of my fingers though-apparantly my gloves had holes in them-lol   I will bumbed if it doesn't at least absorb some of the color to tone down the bright orange. I am thinking this may have a flame retardant on it or scotch guard type chemical to keep it from taking the dye.
    Have any of you dyers used the procion dyes on fleece-polyester?

   Update on my silk blouse that I put into the goldenrod bath. 
       At the end of the first dye and when the bath was cool I added in the blouse-next day I loved the color-so when I did the 2nd batch of goldenrod I decided to add the blouse back in-then after washing it in the scour soap-I discovered I had several tears from the seam line around the sleeves-bummer. then I noticed I had a little blotchiness too in a couple spots-definately can not offer this piece for sale. 
     So I decided to try and salvage it enough so I could wear it around the house-the silk just feels good next to my skin-the silk has weight to it and just feels nice wearing it. So I had some yellow varigated thread that I zig zagged around the sleeve seams-managing to try and go over the bad spots. Now I am using some vintage silk thread to hand sew X's around the seams-to help cover up the zig zag a bit and give it a little design. Now I noticed I have a tear on one of the cuffs-I think this shirt didn't handle the final machine washing well-even though I had it on the silk cycle and it did not have a hard spin-so I will be mending that cuff too-I think though that this shirt will end up being a comfy shirt to wear around the house once we have the wood stove heat going, and I will know that I dyed it with the pretty goldenrod

How is your day going??


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