Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Awake Most of the Night-Early Morning Lots of Booms Out There

  I started to pull up veggie plants, a couple days ago I pulled up all the plants in the two raised beds. Yesterday I decided my back could handle another morning-so I was out in my little garden patch pulling-and pulling lots of plants and weeds-and hauling off to the compost pile.
   I am so bad on myself with these projects because I need to time myself to work at this for only one hour now and then stop-but I never do-I just want to get the job done, and I do enjoy the process as well.
     Sooo last night I paid for it-on the heating pad for my lower back, and taking homeopathic meds too. ugh and I know better so no sympathy for me.

  pokeberries from here

  Early this morning I dug out a couple of natural dye books to remind myself what I need to gather up. So glad I did, as the pokeberries are ripe now, the sassafras leaves and stems need to be collected, and I need to watch the sumac so I can harvest those pretty red tops with berries.
     I also got reminded about chopping up one tomato plant-stems and leaves to get a pretty tan. These are all new plant materials for me to work with. I have lots of wool ready to go into a mordant bath, and I have one or two silk blouses I wanted to do as well. I also have several cotton blouses to dye.
   I already have madder, goldenseal, and bloodroot, onion skins, annotto seeds on hand, as well as indigo. I purchased an indigo that was already partly processed so I can try that out with less time involved. I can also get pretty tans with acorns but I think I will try the tomato and sassafras first. The goldenrod is coming on too-thought I would do some of that and then over dye to get other colors like greens Lots of dyeing I want to do-so will just see how all that goes.

   It is still thundering out there-has been for several hours-but no lightening or rain yet. and the weatherman said a clear very hot today-lol

I need to process one more batch of tomatoes this morning, not sure yet what I want to do with them. I  may just cook them down and freeze these as I have plenty canned already with different recipes. 



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