Monday, August 11, 2014

UGH Started Cleaning the Utility Room that Also Has Two Commercial Deep Freezers

  I have been putting off this project for some time now-and just decided gotta start on this.
  This is a small room but the two commercial freezers fill it up-haven't figured out how I am going to scrub the floor behind these freezers yet-fun! These also so need a defrosting-which I will do one today.
   I never did like cleaning and scrubbing-who does really, but I just have to start so I can stay with it-and get this house in shape before winter.
   As you know our house has been under construction forever it seems-I am really working on hubby as soon as the weather cools off-I need kitchen cabinets-period. today I told him since I have no place to put any thing I am going to start boxing up stuff and take it out to his shop-lol maybe that will convince him lol  sorry that's my rant for now every so often this house just gets to me-a fixer upper that is not getting fixed.
    Now that I finished my art journal I got out my bears to finish up the needle felting-and then decide if I can afford to get it framed-I would love to enjoy this piece above my desk. It needs to be under glass to stay clean and it needs spacers too. I ordered more felting needles in case I break these new ones-so I can stick with this til finished.
   I will alternate the needle felting with threading my loom as that is really tedious. I don't think I will have much more to can except tomatoes-which are still not ripening up in quantity. I made tomato soup yesterday-wow it turned out so good. We are just going to enjoy that this week and I will not can it.
   I put out a bunch of books really really cheap on ebay just to get them out of here too-and I ended up selling 6 of them-I have another stack of books going cheap on yahoo quilters flea market-I am working on emptying my book case of most all of my quilt books-and replacing with a few new weaving books. 
     Happy Monday everyone-


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