Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Has Arrived

   We have had such a perfect summer here for the most part. My area has gotten missed for most of the rain that others have gotten, but other than that my kind of summer-low humidity and no extremes in heat.
    That has changed now-cause summer has arrived here in the ozarks-high humidity and hot hot temps. So I have been up early and doing my outdoor stuff as soon as it's light-getting the hummers (and the honey bees) fed, check for ripe tomatoes, and now peppers, still harvesting calendula flowers too, my beans are about over-but I have another batch getting ready to bloom. Doing a bit of watering now-as allot of the veggies I will go now and get ready soon to replant for fall veggies.
    The other day I canned tomato soup with my heirlooms, will do the same this morning-I am managing to get enough good ones to can. 
   Progress being made in the deep cleaning, the utility room is now finished, part of the hallway, and next up is the bedroom which has turned into a major catch all place for things that have no where to go-so that will be a week project in itself.
   Soon, I will be tackling the textured ceiling in the bathroom-decided to just do the tissue paper technique, but I will try to put it up with less texture than the walls. Once that is all textured primed and painted-I can finally paint my walls-yeah.
    I am working on not getting overwhelmed as I have soooo much I want to accomplish before winter, and still take time for my creating. Next up will be making my herbal salves and balms, those will be allot of fun to make. and go through my dye stuffs to make sure I have everything for both cotton and wools. I have purchased several cotton and linen blouses to re claim into new garments. I have only found one more silk blouse so far.
   My book on Saori weaving came last saturday-so happy I splurged and purchased this book-love the simplicity of this technique-more on that when I do my first piece.
What have you all been up to??


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