Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playing With my Blog Colors

  Every few months or at least with the seasons, I like to change up my blog look.

This time though, what ever I choose for a background it just seems too hard to read. I even tried a couple of my own photos and still too hard to read-even with playing around with text colors etc.

So I decided on this one-not sure if I like it either-but will give it a day or two. Is it easy for you to read??

Today is suppose to be the last in our string of days of 100 or near 100. That usually means storms so I am working on getting all the laundry done, and all my paper work done too in case the electronics need to be unplugged.

My allergies have just been the worse ever-all summer long, and now we are going into fall allergies-oh well.  

The rural little post office here is giving us fits-now I see why they lost over a billion dollars this year so far-extremely horrible customer service-they don't care about the people they are serving at all.  I won't say any more for now.

Happy weekend ahead all of you.

Update- as of friday this is still a work in a progress by accident I got rid of the bg and got blank which I like better-just need to adjust the font colots now


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