Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Needle Felted Bears and Facebook Tech Problems

 I have had such a time with facebook again this weekend that I am about ready to pull the plug on all of it --again
  Being in my '60s and not growing up in a tech world allot of these sites are just really difficult for me to figure out.
  My big problem with fb is that I want to promote my etsy page on fb. They have a little thing you click on to choose if you want to post or like as your personal page or as your business page-and it doesn't work for me-even though I have set it to what I want. Not on facebook for likes or comments, and not on etsy when I favorite an item-it always just posts as my personal page
   So searching around for help-I run into their business manager-well that sounds like a plan and could help me out-wrong-it made everything worse for my business page-and I can't find out anywhere on their site or that program on how to delete that and go back to the way I had it. Turns out the business manager is really for big business with paid ads or several business pages-that's not me.
   and of course I can't find anywhere on facebook to get help. they do have a help section but you ask a question and they answer it-didn't answer my question or help me at all.

well enough of reading about my frustrations with fb-lol  I did complete my Bear picture, and knowing that I can't afford to get it professionally framed with glass and all that-and that this is a very odd size doesn't fit close to the standards-I just decided to go with the plan of using mistyfuse to fuse down tulle over my piece. I can sew a backing and binding to it and make a sleeve for hanging.
   I have used this technique allot for fusing down paper to fabric, and when I made post cards was nice to seal some of them down this way. The tulle does have little holes in it-but does also help protect this needle felted piece-it does need glass or something over it to protect it.
  This was not the day to do this being so aggravated with fb already-but I just went with it-and thank goodness for me and my piece, it went smooth-no creases or problems. I need to go over it again, especially around the wool bears that are much higher than the fabric under it.
   I found one of my hand dyes that will be perfect for this-in autumn browns.
   I don't know if the photos will show up the tulle or not-it does smash down some of the needle felting but from a distance all is good I think. photos will enlarge


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