Friday, August 29, 2014

My Friday-One of Those Days (long)

  My plan last night was to go to town early-right at dawn when it was light out.

   We had rain storms forecast for this afternoon and off and on for the next 5 days or so-what a blessing-we soooo need some rain here-and a cool down-I am ready for cool down-I know we only had to deal with the 100s for 5 days and then high 90s for another week-but still I got spoiled-lol

  So when I got up, I really didn't feel like driving in-this is my once in every 4 to 5 weeks for a grocery shopping trip. But then I said well this is the best time for this project-so let's do this.

   Where I live-one never sees a cop or a sheriff-we live in the woods so we just don't-not unless they are having a stake out down from us at the river-and they didn't do that this summer.-So I am driving along the rural road headed for the highway to go to town-and I see there is a sheriff suv behind me-didn't think much of it til he pulled me over as soon as I pulled on to the highway. Totally surprised me-I have not been pulled over by the authorities for at least 25 years now, perhaps more. So he tells me my brake light is not working and I need to replace the bulb-this is a warning. ok-that took 20 minutes for him to run down my information geez.
    So I get to town and on the right side of the road is an auto parts store hubby always uses-so I decide to pull in and get the bulbs we need-who is right behind me as I put my turn signal on-yep the same sheriff lol  I wonder if he updated his notes to say I stopped to get the bulbs??

   So as much as I dislike spending most of my money at wal mart-it is the best there is here for price and choices. I was there before 8 am so wasn't too crowded yet-and I had lots to buy. I also was buying stuff for the coming winter-gallons of water, and canned items for the pantry-I decided to start doing this early so I will have it come December and beyond.
   Well, do you ever lose your car in the parking lot? I had gotten in the habit of not needing to pay attention cause I was riding with my neighbor to go to town when we didn't have transportation. and today I just forgot to look at what row I was in-and pay attention to how far down the row I was too.-You got it-lost my car lol  So after pushing the cart up and down in the hot sun I remembered hubby said I could push something on the car key to make the car go off so I could find it-and it worked yeah--don't mind me-this is the first car I have ever owned with this fancy feature-remember I am a country girl living a simple life-
    I rememered I had forgotten to pick up something we needed so decided I am here now need to go back in and get it. By this time the store was packed-finally on the way home again.

   Get home, hassle at the post office again-but at least I dealt with it and hubby didn't have to for the second time.

    Got all my stuff in the house-fixed the guys their lunch, got everything put away-and it started to pour down rain-cool!

Thanks for reading about my day-it was definately out of the ordinary for me-storms coming back again now-I think this will be the case through the evening.

   Oh and I am now up to 190 pounds of sugar for the hummingbirds-from now til September 15th they will be leaving for their long migration journey.
    I have also been feeding lots of honey bees too-since they are honey bees and we need them-decided to continue feeding the bees too. I have 3 feeders that the bees love that I could have taken down-but we need the bees for pollination, so what the hay.

As you can see I changed my page again-I like it so far, very clean and easy to read-I ran into the blank background by accident-should see if I can get another color for the bg.

I don't like facebook, never did, but I have my etsy shop there too-hoping to get exposure, but am frustrated with all the nonsense that gets posted-so I learned from a friend that I could change my personal page to private and just keep my etsy page active. I also am getting rid of notifications as they come in for my personal page-I so much enjoy blogging better

well if you have stuck with me to the end-thank you for being my friend-hugs Happy Labor Day Weekend for all of my USA friends.




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