Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lemon Meringue Pie Out of the Oven

  This morning I thought with another 100 degree day plus here in the ozarks today-a fresh lemon meringue pie sounds so refreshing. and the oven does not have to be on that long-just enough to brown the meringue

 I have been working on my new blog site today-and wow where does the time fly when working on the computer??-the day just goes by. I also wanted to update this site with happy colors-and found this background-what do ya think?  However my neck and arms can sure feel it-so need to get off here for a bit.

  It is really too hot to eat all that much-so I am thinking a veggie salad and this pie sounds perfect for supper tonight.

   I have used this homemade recipe for years and years-its a  county fair blue ribbon winner from the old Farm Journal Cookbooks (the best cookbooks ever in my opinion-all home cooking and canning)  If you would like the recipe-go to my search tool and search recipe pies lemon  it should come up In the filling I keep the sugar down by using splenda and a just a little organic sugar-since there is also sugar in the meringue


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