Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Another Wednesday & I Just Posted my Handwoven on Etsy-Updated Photos

  Good morning, I am busy making soap this morning. After that I should have enough ripe tomatoes to can up another batch of pints. The blend of the different heirlooms cooks up with great flavors.
    Making progress on my needle felting-bear picture. This is a fun and relaxing project. The guys went on the lake to go fishing this morning-they fish for cats and I think bass too.
    I got one freezer finished-yeah-we had a little venison left so I gave some to our friend Mr. L-would like to get it all used up before November's hunt. I made a venison tenderloin for supper last night-sooo delicious and tender. I made it a little different this time. Instead of on the grill, on my gas stove I got a cast iron skillet super hot with a little olive oil-added the tenderloin-seared both sides-then added a bold steak sauce, put on a lid, turned the heat down low for 45 minutes. Midway I added mushrooms and red bell pepper strips.(early morning I added a little marinade for game-just a little for flavor)  I have found that venison over cooks in a crock pot-really like this method. To go with the tenderloin I added baked red potatoes, and steamed kale. Fresh fruit for dessert-good eats!

Here is the listing  I still need to get a photo of it being worn, hopefully in a day or two-but I wanted to get it listed since fall is approaching.

    Enjoy your wednesday-

Updated new photos-check the link above for more photos


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