Friday, August 22, 2014

Hot Hot and Hotter-That's the News for the Ozarks

  They say we will hit 100 degree f both days this weekend-along with high humidity-I would say summer has arrived lol

   Needless to say I won't be working outdoors that's for sure. At day break I am feeding the birds and the wildlife and a little watering every other day-but that's it for me.

   The last day and a half I have been working on moving all my soap products to my original etsy store Kathyinozarks Fibers. I had done this originally and then had the idea to split into two stores-I think having everything in one shop will be much nicer. It makes my shop fuller with items and more interesting to browse too as well.  I did list some of my soap molds that I am selling too-all from Milky Way Soaps a USA made company.
    I decided I have too much stock in soap supplies to not try and still sell some soap, moisturizers, and bath teas. I just won't fret over it as much as I have been.
    I have learned too that etsy has changed their selling rules a bit so large business's can now sell on etsy too-I think that will hurt us little folks in the end, but etsy needs to make money too.
     Ebay is changing some stuff too, so I don't think I will be happy selling there any more-and their fees are higher than etsy. Ebay does have more of an audience but still those fees add up.

   I needed a break from cleaning and rearranging so I do feel good getting things set up in my shop.

    I am still making progress on my bear piece-have allot of the needle felting finished in the bottom half of my piece. After I sold my Apple and a Bear fiber art piece I always wanted to do a little series of bears-especially pumpkins and a bear-so I  may just pull some fabrics and wools to get that started-fall is just around the corner.
     I had picked up a small frame with glass at the re sale shop for my fiber art pieces-need to give that a go to see if I like it.

    I have had a real taste for something chocolate, like some gluten free brownies-I don't know if I want to run the oven in this heat-but still chocolate sounds good doesn't it??

Enjoy your weekend!



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