Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Weekend and Sharing a Fresh Tomato-Basil Pasta Salad Recipe

  I just made this recipe and it turned out so delicious I wanted to share with you all.

   I was watching the Pioneer Woman this morning on Food Network channel and she was preparing dishes indoors but for an outdoor party with family.

  Her pasta salad sounded really good find the recipe here  I had just picked another large amount of heirloom chocolate mini pear shaped tomatoes last night so this was perfect way to use them up. I also still have fresh basil-so perfect I had a reason to use my new Ball herb scissors too. lol

   I did not have the smoked gouda cheese but I always have the chunk extra sharp cheese so I cut that up in cubes. I just happened to have a little can of the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce-something I have never used before. Bobby Flay always uses it in his dishes so decided to get a little can to have on hand. I took a small taste of the sauce-ouch in my mouth-extreme heat, but it gave super flavor to the dressing with just a little heat. I used a good balsamic vinegar instead of the white. I didn't have any almond milk or soy  milk opened in the frig-so I just left it out-and I didn't need it at all, the dressing was perfect for me. On her show though she explained why she likes a thinner dressing. I also used my gluten free elbow macaroni for the pasta. Hoping hubby likes this too cause I ended with a giant bowl of it. Will be nice for the weekend and will get more flavors too by tomorrow.

  I forgot to take a photo before I put the salad in the frig-so here is a little peek of it

   I am making progress on my bear needle felt picture. I am on the last bit of leaves-those are quite time consuming.

  Surprise in the mail, Larrys friend in Pa, sent us a gallon of locally made maple syrup-I am in heaven-I love having good quality syrups and honeys on hand, and we are just about out of maple syrup. I like to mix up the different sweeteners when I am baking and cooking.

   I am thinking of making an upside down fresh peach cake too-I still have a few fresh peaches in the frig that need to get used up.

   I guess we are getting missed by the rains again-was suppose to rain all day today and be cooler too-no cool front happening here so far-and no more rain either.



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