Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday & Home for Family Quilts

Happy Friday to all of you

  I have been able to do a little canning, actually working up smaller batches at a time is kinda nice for me now.
   The tomatoes are not ripening up in quantity so I am just canning halves in pints when I get enough. Our friend that grew the seeds for me brought me over a half bucket of green beans-his 4th large picking already-so I canned those and they turned out really nice. I did them up a little different this time, per a recipe I found on the net.
   I usually do the cold pack method-and this was still considered the cold pack process-but you blanch them for 3 minutes first-plunge in cold water-and then process adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to each pint. These beans were a tad tough-so after this process and some I frenched-they are now very tender-and they filled the jars without shrinking-with the extra blanching process.
   I also canned up one batch of pickled bing cherries yesterday.  I hadn't realized that I didn't have any coriander seeds in the pantry so I made them without- I had one jar that did not seal-so we can test them in a couple weeks to see how they turned out. These are always a huge favorite with the guys. Recipe here

   Good news, and this makes me very happy-after my post about selling some of my Mom's quilts, my neighbor friend said she would be interested as she was in the process of buying cedar chests for her three grandchildren and filling them with special things. The more I thought about this-the more I realized these quilts made by Mom needed to stay in the family, including my great grandmother's quilt. 
     So with more thinking-I remembered one of my cousins-he was the youngest of a large family and is about 15 years younger than me so when I left home hadn't stayed in contact with family much, especially after our grandparents passed. We all spread out in different parts of the country too. The family gatherings were always held at our grandparents farm.
     He has a wonderful family which I had met a few times. Why didn't I think of this before-I asked myself?? 
    His older siblings just would not work out and I had contacted my Grandmother's side of the family before with no interest.
    So instead of just calling and springing this on them, I wrote a letter and gave them my email and phone number of when would be best for me to call. 
     He called me last night, we talked for about an hour-a nice catch up for us-and he and his wife are just thrilled and honored to take possession of our great grandmother's quilt.
     I asked him if he would take and enjoy several of my Mom's quilts and then pass them on to their children perhaps when they get older and would appreciate them. 
    My grandmother's quilt has been weighing on my mind for two years now. With Mom's help at that time, we did the family research, I took lots of notes, and also purchased a handmade book that I commissioned to go with this quilt so I could write down the history.
     I had contacted a local museum at that time too.

    Before I thought of my cousin I also contacted a quilt historian for advice and she said museums must say now that what you donate can be sold or traded-as just too hard to commit forever now. I guess that does make sense. She also told me that local history will usually stay with the museum, and she suggested I contact them again if I did not have another option. 
   That's when I just decided I really must find family. My cousin cherishes our family history as well, so I will be sending him some other things too from time to time that were our grandparents.
     Once I get caught up on summer time things, I will find my notes-put the story together and write it all down. 
   I just can not put down in words how much this means to me.

Have an awesome weekend! Hubby is taking off with his friend again for a mini trip in a few days. I am so happy for him that he is able to do this. I better get off here and start my hand watering of the veggies-still no rain here.


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