Sunday, August 10, 2014

Good Morning Sunday and I Finished my Art Journal

  The other evening I finished my art journal. This was a very fun creative journey-so glad I "just did this". This link should take you to the photos.
   The pages were very time consuming to hand sew in-on most I sewed in two rows of stitching, each page took at least 2 hours to complete. I kept a tab of the hours spent for this project and the total came to 99 Hours. It is amazing how much of ourselves goes into projects like this-but for me it is time well spent-and I have an end project upon completion.
   I can see now why many also reconstruct the binding as well-as the book does not lie flat-the front cover kinda stuck up and didn't close or lie flat to the pages-so I decided to tie it shut. Hoping not to run into a binding issue after adding in lots of dye samples on the pages. If that becomes an issue I will be contacting Shroo to see how to do that.

    My garden is small but it has been producing some nice green beans to freeze. A big disappointment with the cucumbers I planted so will not be making pickles this summer. I have been canning up small batches of tomatoes and also jars of mixed veggies that can be added to soups and stews this winter. I also just canned a few quarts of veggie juice-just grabbed what I could find and ran it through the juicer and then canned.
  Friday morning I got stung by a bee in the garden on the tip of my finger. My fault I was pulling back vines to find veggies and got nailed. Hubby got the stinger out which stopped the pain almost instantly, but by evening it got worse all of a sudden and is still really sore and swollen-guess it will take some time to get the poison out. I broke down and took a benydrl last night but didn't seem to help, as it is the same this morning.

   I missed the large moon last night-did any of you get to view it? 

   My friend came over last week and I showed her my handwoven shrug. We decided not to add the buttons as she didn't think my being off the 1/4" in the woven design showed up that much. Where I was going to sew on the buttons is very bulky with the seams too so that is why I hadn't sewn them on yet-was still deciding. I am just going to go with it, I have always been very critical of my own work.
       I haven't had the chance to get photos yet so I can get my piece listed in my shop.
    I am warping up another piece on my loom-this one is for a long time blog friend. She had surprised me with alpaca yarn from her trip to Peru last year-so I am surprising her back.

   I am off to water and pick more veggies that have ripened since friday morning. Enjoy your day


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