Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good Morning Saturday

Good morning saturday-a little rain here-but not enough to help really-we are behind with water now. My garden is pretty much done-my tomatoes are rotting on the vine instead of ripening-don't know what is up with that-perhaps too many low temps in the 50's F at night. I was hoping for a good soaking this weekend so I can start to pull things and replant for some fall crops.

I am seriously thinking of closing my soap shop at the end of this year. I need to find boxes to ship soap molds-I will be selling off most of my soap molds, and keeping several for me. I still have allot of soap base in stock-but I will just use it up eventually for me or for trades or swaps.
I may decide to add a few soap offerings in my etsy fibers shop for those few customers I have. or I may just set up my soap shop with a few offerings, and not worry about sales-I make my soap custom to order now any ways. will need to think on that.I just will not be working on new items to offer since they are not getting found and purchased.
This is sad for me cause I really have enjoyed making soap-very little profit margin though after all the seller fees etc, and I don't get paid for my time. so I think it is time to let it go this december. sigh

However, next week I will be making my herbal salves and balms-have lots of herbs in oils to strain off-those will be fun to make, will be making one for arthritis hands too, and will offer them in my soap shop

well I am off to finish cleaning my utility room-decided to start cleaning from the back of the house forward-everything needs a deep clean before winter. I did get my two deep freezers defrosted and re organized-yeah these are huge freezers so a big job-now have room for venison this fall

Enjoy your weekend


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