Monday, August 25, 2014

Good morning Monday

Another 100 degree day coming up today,  so I need to get myself outdoors to get my "chores" finished up early.

The lemon meringue pie was the perfect treat-I think it will go great for breakfast too-pie and coffee anyone? 

ugh today is paper work day, and then I see I have a few more tomatoes ripe again. This has been a really good garden year for my tomatoes for the most part-we did not get this extreme heat til just after most of my veggies were already canned or frozen-unlike most summers where it is a major struggle to get a crop in. I had some problems with my paste tomatoes rotting on the vines-do to the cool evenings-but after I started to pick them green and lay out to ripen-all was good.

In the frig. I have an on going container filled with fresh tomatoes and other veggies with white balsamic vinegar-olive oil-and a little sugar and herbs and pepper-so that needs to get filled up again with tomatoes. I can usually fill it up twice before I need to start fresh.

I had picked up a wonderful canning book at a garage sale awhile back-the one with the pickled bing cherries-and in there was also an Italian stewed tomato recipe that could be canned by the water bath method. So last week I had just enough really ripe tomatoes to make that-really good lots of herbs, onions, peppers, peeled and seeded tomatoes, and lemon juice-I would like to make another batch of this one. Would make a nice side dish on it's own after thickened a bit, or tossed with pasta.

We save all the slivers of ivory bar soap that Larry uses and then I rebatch them into new bars-here is a nice movie on how to do-the Soap Queen always has great recipes to share-I make mine in an old double boiler, and then I pour the soap in those plastic containers that mushrooms comes in. I also have a silicone flower mold that I have yet to use-so I think I will try that out this morning

and just a note-to launch my new Kathyinozarks seller blog I just posted a giveaway - would love to have you stop by and check out my new space. feedback always welcome.

Have an awesome Monday


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