Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Morning and I Have A New Blog

  Aren't our blog friends just so special?? They are always here for us for support and much more.
   So I was conversing with my friend Jinxxxygirl yesterday and she helped me with some new ideas to hopefully help my online business. A seller's blog right here on blogger-what a concept for me-so simple-yet a wonderful idea for me.
  So big hugs and thank yous to my friend. Hugs

You will find my new blog here   I am going to use this new space for lots of photos and share the process of how I make the pieces I offer to sell. I am also going to set it up so you can purchase off that site as well. I think this is an added bonus for those who would like to purchase but do not necessarily want to sign up on  Etsy just so they can be a customer of the site.
    I have been sharing my offerings for my Etsy shop here, but those of you that are not really interested I can see now why this will be much nicer to seperate my wares from my personal blog.
   I also discovered a widget that brings my Kathyinozarks Fibers Etsy shop right to my sidebar-just click and it takes you right there to my shop-so I have added that to my sidebar here on this blog and also on my seller's blog.
   It will take be a bit to get my new blog all set up but it is up and running now. So please stop by and say hello. I have set up the different ways you can follow me there-will keep you posted on sales and new items. I have also just set up the google friends--so if interested please follow me as a friend there too--closer to the holidays I will have a drawing from my followers there.

    I woke up this morning thinking of a homemade lemon  meringue pie-I have fresh lemons on hand-just need to make sure I have enough eggs-sounds good for a 100 degree day don't ya think?? lol

   Enjoy your day


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