Friday, August 15, 2014

Do You Ever Purchase Something Online-and Then Just Want It Like Right Now??

  That's me this week.  From my blog friend Gene who is a weaver too, I have learned about saori weaving-from Japan. He also suggested to check out Ravelry for more information.
   I was quite intrigued, so I have been reading lots online since last week, finding beautiful things on Pinterest, and on Etsy. There are several books out some mostly patterns-pretty pricey and the majority are not in English but in Japanese. Everything I have read though says the diagrams and photos are excellent to follow for making clothing.
   So I went on Ebay-and wow the book I thought I would get first has an English version-tells all about saori and it's founder and also has a few patterns in the back of the book. The price was the lowest I had seen any where online, so when there was a second watcher for this book-I bought it-so now I just want it to arrive my mailbox right now-lol
    While browsing the web I ran into a blog where the author went to Japan to study saori and while there the founder had turned 101 years old and was still weaving and teaching-how amazing.
    This is a free form of weaving-no rules, don't worry about the edges, just have fun with weaving. From what I can tell from the looms in the photos-it is just two harness -like the rigid heddle looms, but can be purchased as floor looms-and the design comes with the weft-perhaps a little tapestry techniques too. So this would be perfect for anyone already enjoying their rigid heddle loom, or for me with the 4 harness loom just use two. I love the look of the floor looms though especially with the built in feature for winding yarn on to a bobbin-how cool is that-I would love one of those.
   If interested I found lots of beautiful projects on pinterest and on ravelry-I never realized ravelry had so much to offer for weavers-I joined several groups-asked questions and already got such wonderful feedback and help-what a wonderful site. So I am quite motivated now.

We are back to normal summer's high temps now-the weather man says he thinks it will stay like this til fall-let me tell ya we have been sooooo spoiled with glorious weather here so far.

I am in the process of defrosting my second commercial deep freezer-so I need to get off here and see if the ice has loosened.


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