Sunday, August 31, 2014

As You Can See I Have Changed my Page-Again

  My last one was a little too dull-although I liked the simplicity of it.

  So I went through the list of background choices again-and found one for food-we all love food right?? lol  and the background does not move so much easier to read my sidebars-and I put a background on the sidebars. So this is the new look for now-that is--

   Cool this morning-how wonderful is that-but we are still getting up into the 90s. Need to get myself outdoors this morning-fill up all the feeders-and see if I am up to pulling some veggie plants-especially in my two raised beds-would like to plant some kale and other greens for fall.

   My bear needle felted picture is complete-now to figure out how to protect it and frame it-or not. The size is not a standard frame size-can't afford to get it professionally framed which would be really nice for this piece, so am thinking about getting a larger frame and figure out some borders-hopefully I can find what I need at the resale shop next time I go there.
   Another thought is to use mistyfuse-an awesome product that sticks things together and melts away after ironed with no added bulk or stiffness. I would place tulle over the piece and then iron it down with the mistyfuse. Would help keep dust off the piece and I could just sew a back and a border to it so could be hung. But I think in this piece I would lose the depth that the bears and the needle felting give to my piece. So have this put aside for now to think about more.
     On to my next piece which will go in my shop-Pumpkins and a Bear-I have already pulled a few of my hand dyes for background.

  About facebook-I feel better already stopping most of the notifications from people and things that I follow-just too much stuff-was getting 100s a day. and I am just not going to post on my personal page for now on fb. I really enjoy blogging with my friends much more.
     I do need more likes to my business page though (to hopefully get found)-go here if you would like to follow my etsy business page    
    and see about coupon codes and giveaways-which I have  going on now.

   I will have to tell you that my fresh peach upside down cake was so delicious-we had a piece for breakfast this morning with coffee. I think any fruit made into an upside down cake is just beautiful and good eats.


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