Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Needle Felted Bears and Facebook Tech Problems

 I have had such a time with facebook again this weekend that I am about ready to pull the plug on all of it --again
  Being in my '60s and not growing up in a tech world allot of these sites are just really difficult for me to figure out.
  My big problem with fb is that I want to promote my etsy page on fb. They have a little thing you click on to choose if you want to post or like as your personal page or as your business page-and it doesn't work for me-even though I have set it to what I want. Not on facebook for likes or comments, and not on etsy when I favorite an item-it always just posts as my personal page
   So searching around for help-I run into their business manager-well that sounds like a plan and could help me out-wrong-it made everything worse for my business page-and I can't find out anywhere on their site or that program on how to delete that and go back to the way I had it. Turns out the business manager is really for big business with paid ads or several business pages-that's not me.
   and of course I can't find anywhere on facebook to get help. they do have a help section but you ask a question and they answer it-didn't answer my question or help me at all.

well enough of reading about my frustrations with fb-lol  I did complete my Bear picture, and knowing that I can't afford to get it professionally framed with glass and all that-and that this is a very odd size doesn't fit close to the standards-I just decided to go with the plan of using mistyfuse to fuse down tulle over my piece. I can sew a backing and binding to it and make a sleeve for hanging.
   I have used this technique allot for fusing down paper to fabric, and when I made post cards was nice to seal some of them down this way. The tulle does have little holes in it-but does also help protect this needle felted piece-it does need glass or something over it to protect it.
  This was not the day to do this being so aggravated with fb already-but I just went with it-and thank goodness for me and my piece, it went smooth-no creases or problems. I need to go over it again, especially around the wool bears that are much higher than the fabric under it.
   I found one of my hand dyes that will be perfect for this-in autumn browns.
   I don't know if the photos will show up the tulle or not-it does smash down some of the needle felting but from a distance all is good I think. photos will enlarge

As You Can See I Have Changed my Page-Again

  My last one was a little too dull-although I liked the simplicity of it.

  So I went through the list of background choices again-and found one for food-we all love food right?? lol  and the background does not move so much easier to read my sidebars-and I put a background on the sidebars. So this is the new look for now-that is--

   Cool this morning-how wonderful is that-but we are still getting up into the 90s. Need to get myself outdoors this morning-fill up all the feeders-and see if I am up to pulling some veggie plants-especially in my two raised beds-would like to plant some kale and other greens for fall.

   My bear needle felted picture is complete-now to figure out how to protect it and frame it-or not. The size is not a standard frame size-can't afford to get it professionally framed which would be really nice for this piece, so am thinking about getting a larger frame and figure out some borders-hopefully I can find what I need at the resale shop next time I go there.
   Another thought is to use mistyfuse-an awesome product that sticks things together and melts away after ironed with no added bulk or stiffness. I would place tulle over the piece and then iron it down with the mistyfuse. Would help keep dust off the piece and I could just sew a back and a border to it so could be hung. But I think in this piece I would lose the depth that the bears and the needle felting give to my piece. So have this put aside for now to think about more.
     On to my next piece which will go in my shop-Pumpkins and a Bear-I have already pulled a few of my hand dyes for background.

  About facebook-I feel better already stopping most of the notifications from people and things that I follow-just too much stuff-was getting 100s a day. and I am just not going to post on my personal page for now on fb. I really enjoy blogging with my friends much more.
     I do need more likes to my business page though (to hopefully get found)-go here if you would like to follow my etsy business page    
    and see about coupon codes and giveaways-which I have  going on now.

   I will have to tell you that my fresh peach upside down cake was so delicious-we had a piece for breakfast this morning with coffee. I think any fruit made into an upside down cake is just beautiful and good eats.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Peach Upside Down Cake Out of the Oven

I baked up this fresh peach upside down cake while watching Notre Dame's first game of the season. Great game so far. Go Irish.

 Smells delicious.

My new favorite gluten free yellow cake mix is by Hodgson Mill-I love it so much better than I what was using before. For the fruit on the bottom,  I melted 1/4 cup of butter added to bottom of pan, sprinkled in coconut sugar to cover the butter, add quality cinnamon and the sliced fresh peaches-in two layers-added a little more cinnamon and then the cake batter.

Like my recipe for pineapple upside down cake-these gluten free cakes are difficult to get baked done in the center-so after about 20 minutes or more the top of the cake will be just set enough to place a piece of parchment paper on top of the cake and won't stick to the batter-which is important-so make sure the top is no longer wet to the touch.
     Then I time and recheck every 10 minutes to test for doneness in the middle-I bake in a glass pan so I bake at 325 f instead of the 350-so it will take longer than the instructions say. Usually takes close to an hour with all the fruit on the bottom too.

Happy Weekend and Sharing a Fresh Tomato-Basil Pasta Salad Recipe

  I just made this recipe and it turned out so delicious I wanted to share with you all.

   I was watching the Pioneer Woman this morning on Food Network channel and she was preparing dishes indoors but for an outdoor party with family.

  Her pasta salad sounded really good find the recipe here  I had just picked another large amount of heirloom chocolate mini pear shaped tomatoes last night so this was perfect way to use them up. I also still have fresh basil-so perfect I had a reason to use my new Ball herb scissors too. lol

   I did not have the smoked gouda cheese but I always have the chunk extra sharp cheese so I cut that up in cubes. I just happened to have a little can of the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce-something I have never used before. Bobby Flay always uses it in his dishes so decided to get a little can to have on hand. I took a small taste of the sauce-ouch in my mouth-extreme heat, but it gave super flavor to the dressing with just a little heat. I used a good balsamic vinegar instead of the white. I didn't have any almond milk or soy  milk opened in the frig-so I just left it out-and I didn't need it at all, the dressing was perfect for me. On her show though she explained why she likes a thinner dressing. I also used my gluten free elbow macaroni for the pasta. Hoping hubby likes this too cause I ended with a giant bowl of it. Will be nice for the weekend and will get more flavors too by tomorrow.

  I forgot to take a photo before I put the salad in the frig-so here is a little peek of it

   I am making progress on my bear needle felt picture. I am on the last bit of leaves-those are quite time consuming.

  Surprise in the mail, Larrys friend in Pa, sent us a gallon of locally made maple syrup-I am in heaven-I love having good quality syrups and honeys on hand, and we are just about out of maple syrup. I like to mix up the different sweeteners when I am baking and cooking.

   I am thinking of making an upside down fresh peach cake too-I still have a few fresh peaches in the frig that need to get used up.

   I guess we are getting missed by the rains again-was suppose to rain all day today and be cooler too-no cool front happening here so far-and no more rain either.


Friday, August 29, 2014

My Friday-One of Those Days (long)

  My plan last night was to go to town early-right at dawn when it was light out.

   We had rain storms forecast for this afternoon and off and on for the next 5 days or so-what a blessing-we soooo need some rain here-and a cool down-I am ready for cool down-I know we only had to deal with the 100s for 5 days and then high 90s for another week-but still I got spoiled-lol

  So when I got up, I really didn't feel like driving in-this is my once in every 4 to 5 weeks for a grocery shopping trip. But then I said well this is the best time for this project-so let's do this.

   Where I live-one never sees a cop or a sheriff-we live in the woods so we just don't-not unless they are having a stake out down from us at the river-and they didn't do that this summer.-So I am driving along the rural road headed for the highway to go to town-and I see there is a sheriff suv behind me-didn't think much of it til he pulled me over as soon as I pulled on to the highway. Totally surprised me-I have not been pulled over by the authorities for at least 25 years now, perhaps more. So he tells me my brake light is not working and I need to replace the bulb-this is a warning. ok-that took 20 minutes for him to run down my information geez.
    So I get to town and on the right side of the road is an auto parts store hubby always uses-so I decide to pull in and get the bulbs we need-who is right behind me as I put my turn signal on-yep the same sheriff lol  I wonder if he updated his notes to say I stopped to get the bulbs??

   So as much as I dislike spending most of my money at wal mart-it is the best there is here for price and choices. I was there before 8 am so wasn't too crowded yet-and I had lots to buy. I also was buying stuff for the coming winter-gallons of water, and canned items for the pantry-I decided to start doing this early so I will have it come December and beyond.
   Well, do you ever lose your car in the parking lot? I had gotten in the habit of not needing to pay attention cause I was riding with my neighbor to go to town when we didn't have transportation. and today I just forgot to look at what row I was in-and pay attention to how far down the row I was too.-You got it-lost my car lol  So after pushing the cart up and down in the hot sun I remembered hubby said I could push something on the car key to make the car go off so I could find it-and it worked yeah--don't mind me-this is the first car I have ever owned with this fancy feature-remember I am a country girl living a simple life-
    I rememered I had forgotten to pick up something we needed so decided I am here now need to go back in and get it. By this time the store was packed-finally on the way home again.

   Get home, hassle at the post office again-but at least I dealt with it and hubby didn't have to for the second time.

    Got all my stuff in the house-fixed the guys their lunch, got everything put away-and it started to pour down rain-cool!

Thanks for reading about my day-it was definately out of the ordinary for me-storms coming back again now-I think this will be the case through the evening.

   Oh and I am now up to 190 pounds of sugar for the hummingbirds-from now til September 15th they will be leaving for their long migration journey.
    I have also been feeding lots of honey bees too-since they are honey bees and we need them-decided to continue feeding the bees too. I have 3 feeders that the bees love that I could have taken down-but we need the bees for pollination, so what the hay.

As you can see I changed my page again-I like it so far, very clean and easy to read-I ran into the blank background by accident-should see if I can get another color for the bg.

I don't like facebook, never did, but I have my etsy shop there too-hoping to get exposure, but am frustrated with all the nonsense that gets posted-so I learned from a friend that I could change my personal page to private and just keep my etsy page active. I also am getting rid of notifications as they come in for my personal page-I so much enjoy blogging better

well if you have stuck with me to the end-thank you for being my friend-hugs Happy Labor Day Weekend for all of my USA friends.



Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playing With my Blog Colors

  Every few months or at least with the seasons, I like to change up my blog look.

This time though, what ever I choose for a background it just seems too hard to read. I even tried a couple of my own photos and still too hard to read-even with playing around with text colors etc.

So I decided on this one-not sure if I like it either-but will give it a day or two. Is it easy for you to read??

Today is suppose to be the last in our string of days of 100 or near 100. That usually means storms so I am working on getting all the laundry done, and all my paper work done too in case the electronics need to be unplugged.

My allergies have just been the worse ever-all summer long, and now we are going into fall allergies-oh well.  

The rural little post office here is giving us fits-now I see why they lost over a billion dollars this year so far-extremely horrible customer service-they don't care about the people they are serving at all.  I won't say any more for now.

Happy weekend ahead all of you.

Update- as of friday this is still a work in a progress by accident I got rid of the bg and got blank which I like better-just need to adjust the font colots now

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little Update on My Needle Felted Picture

I have been working on the leaves-embellishing the edges with silk noil and I decided I just needed another shade of green, I also needed some golds to highlight that golden ridge too. So over the weekend I went on Etsy and found a perfect bag of silk noil fall colors find here

I got my silk in today's mail already-pretty fast for getting shipped out on Saturday-and the colors are Perfect-don't ya just love it when that happens. The golds just blend in perfectly with that hand dyed re purposed suit coat lining I made.

A couple years ago when I sold my fiber art piece Apples and a Bear-I have been wanting to make another piece titled Pumpkins and a Bear-so that will be in the works soon. I just ordered in from another Etsy seller some perfect pumpkin colors of wool roving to mix with the silk noil to make the field of pumpkins with.

This is way more fun than paper work today-lol

Just a note: I have had to turn on the approve comments first feature-I just received a comment that was quite shocking and hateful-so will approve comments for now-thanks

Good morning Monday

Another 100 degree day coming up today,  so I need to get myself outdoors to get my "chores" finished up early.

The lemon meringue pie was the perfect treat-I think it will go great for breakfast too-pie and coffee anyone? 

ugh today is paper work day, and then I see I have a few more tomatoes ripe again. This has been a really good garden year for my tomatoes for the most part-we did not get this extreme heat til just after most of my veggies were already canned or frozen-unlike most summers where it is a major struggle to get a crop in. I had some problems with my paste tomatoes rotting on the vines-do to the cool evenings-but after I started to pick them green and lay out to ripen-all was good.

In the frig. I have an on going container filled with fresh tomatoes and other veggies with white balsamic vinegar-olive oil-and a little sugar and herbs and pepper-so that needs to get filled up again with tomatoes. I can usually fill it up twice before I need to start fresh.

I had picked up a wonderful canning book at a garage sale awhile back-the one with the pickled bing cherries-and in there was also an Italian stewed tomato recipe that could be canned by the water bath method. So last week I had just enough really ripe tomatoes to make that-really good lots of herbs, onions, peppers, peeled and seeded tomatoes, and lemon juice-I would like to make another batch of this one. Would make a nice side dish on it's own after thickened a bit, or tossed with pasta.

We save all the slivers of ivory bar soap that Larry uses and then I rebatch them into new bars-here is a nice movie on how to do-the Soap Queen always has great recipes to share-I make mine in an old double boiler, and then I pour the soap in those plastic containers that mushrooms comes in. I also have a silicone flower mold that I have yet to use-so I think I will try that out this morning

and just a note-to launch my new Kathyinozarks seller blog I just posted a giveaway - would love to have you stop by and check out my new space. feedback always welcome.

Have an awesome Monday

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lemon Meringue Pie Out of the Oven

  This morning I thought with another 100 degree day plus here in the ozarks today-a fresh lemon meringue pie sounds so refreshing. and the oven does not have to be on that long-just enough to brown the meringue

 I have been working on my new blog site today-and wow where does the time fly when working on the computer??-the day just goes by. I also wanted to update this site with happy colors-and found this background-what do ya think?  However my neck and arms can sure feel it-so need to get off here for a bit.

  It is really too hot to eat all that much-so I am thinking a veggie salad and this pie sounds perfect for supper tonight.

   I have used this homemade recipe for years and years-its a  county fair blue ribbon winner from the old Farm Journal Cookbooks (the best cookbooks ever in my opinion-all home cooking and canning)  If you would like the recipe-go to my search tool and search recipe pies lemon  it should come up In the filling I keep the sugar down by using splenda and a just a little organic sugar-since there is also sugar in the meringue

Good Morning and I Have A New Blog

  Aren't our blog friends just so special?? They are always here for us for support and much more.
   So I was conversing with my friend Jinxxxygirl yesterday and she helped me with some new ideas to hopefully help my online business. A seller's blog right here on blogger-what a concept for me-so simple-yet a wonderful idea for me.
  So big hugs and thank yous to my friend. Hugs

You will find my new blog here   I am going to use this new space for lots of photos and share the process of how I make the pieces I offer to sell. I am also going to set it up so you can purchase off that site as well. I think this is an added bonus for those who would like to purchase but do not necessarily want to sign up on  Etsy just so they can be a customer of the site.
    I have been sharing my offerings for my Etsy shop here, but those of you that are not really interested I can see now why this will be much nicer to seperate my wares from my personal blog.
   I also discovered a widget that brings my Kathyinozarks Fibers Etsy shop right to my sidebar-just click and it takes you right there to my shop-so I have added that to my sidebar here on this blog and also on my seller's blog.
   It will take be a bit to get my new blog all set up but it is up and running now. So please stop by and say hello. I have set up the different ways you can follow me there-will keep you posted on sales and new items. I have also just set up the google friends--so if interested please follow me as a friend there too--closer to the holidays I will have a drawing from my followers there.

    I woke up this morning thinking of a homemade lemon  meringue pie-I have fresh lemons on hand-just need to make sure I have enough eggs-sounds good for a 100 degree day don't ya think?? lol

   Enjoy your day

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hot Hot and Hotter-That's the News for the Ozarks

  They say we will hit 100 degree f both days this weekend-along with high humidity-I would say summer has arrived lol

   Needless to say I won't be working outdoors that's for sure. At day break I am feeding the birds and the wildlife and a little watering every other day-but that's it for me.

   The last day and a half I have been working on moving all my soap products to my original etsy store Kathyinozarks Fibers. I had done this originally and then had the idea to split into two stores-I think having everything in one shop will be much nicer. It makes my shop fuller with items and more interesting to browse too as well.  I did list some of my soap molds that I am selling too-all from Milky Way Soaps a USA made company.
    I decided I have too much stock in soap supplies to not try and still sell some soap, moisturizers, and bath teas. I just won't fret over it as much as I have been.
    I have learned too that etsy has changed their selling rules a bit so large business's can now sell on etsy too-I think that will hurt us little folks in the end, but etsy needs to make money too.
     Ebay is changing some stuff too, so I don't think I will be happy selling there any more-and their fees are higher than etsy. Ebay does have more of an audience but still those fees add up.

   I needed a break from cleaning and rearranging so I do feel good getting things set up in my shop.

    I am still making progress on my bear piece-have allot of the needle felting finished in the bottom half of my piece. After I sold my Apple and a Bear fiber art piece I always wanted to do a little series of bears-especially pumpkins and a bear-so I  may just pull some fabrics and wools to get that started-fall is just around the corner.
     I had picked up a small frame with glass at the re sale shop for my fiber art pieces-need to give that a go to see if I like it.

    I have had a real taste for something chocolate, like some gluten free brownies-I don't know if I want to run the oven in this heat-but still chocolate sounds good doesn't it??

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sharing a Charitable Cause by 2 Bags Full

This post will move you-Vicki is such an angel visit here

The hustle and bustle of my "way too busy" days
 did not include 
a charity project at this time in my life--
but God had other plans~

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I am on Ravelry Now

I ran into Ravelry again, cause I discovered it also includes weaving which I hadn't realized before. I think I had joined a couple years ago to search for some patterns.

Several marketplace groups, saori weaving groups, and much more-so I am excited to meet other creative people there as well as here, also possibly a new place to sell some of my handwovens, or swap things-I found a barter-swap group there for anything fiber-love that idea.

Are any of you a member there? Here is a link to me  You are welcome to connect with me there. This is especially a great site for patterns for those of you that crochet or knit. 

My Tomato Soup Recipe-Great for Canning Too

Recipe for Tomato Soup-to can

a mix of heirloom tomato varietes really helps with the flavor. I filled up a really big pot-just cut them up in pieces-I put 1/2 cup water in to help prevent sticking

1 large red onion-diced-preferably home grown

1 tablespoon dried minced garlic

1 mild hot pepper

fresh basil leaves-I used my new ball herb scissors-love them!

Simmer till everything is tender-while doing that wash your quart canning jars-and prepare your water bath canner.

When soft, run through a food mill, I use my grandmas old cone on a stand with a wooden thing lol to smash the juice through.

Bring back to the stove, add 2 tablespoons of organic sugar-taste and if you prefer salt add it here,  and heat til hot-but do not boil

Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice to each quart jar add your juice-and follow canning guidelines-can for 40 minutes.

This makes an excellent flavored tomato juice or base for tomato soup-I think lots of basil is the secret ingredient for flavor

I canned up a small batch a couple days ago-had enough for two large pots full this morning-hopefully will give me at least 6 quarts. This batch I threw in basil leaves and stems that were paratially drying-from my last batch- I did not snip them this time. I also had some little green onions that needed to get used up-so I used those this time-but I am thinking I am going to go an add a red onion too

Summer Has Arrived

   We have had such a perfect summer here for the most part. My area has gotten missed for most of the rain that others have gotten, but other than that my kind of summer-low humidity and no extremes in heat.
    That has changed now-cause summer has arrived here in the ozarks-high humidity and hot hot temps. So I have been up early and doing my outdoor stuff as soon as it's light-getting the hummers (and the honey bees) fed, check for ripe tomatoes, and now peppers, still harvesting calendula flowers too, my beans are about over-but I have another batch getting ready to bloom. Doing a bit of watering now-as allot of the veggies I will go now and get ready soon to replant for fall veggies.
    The other day I canned tomato soup with my heirlooms, will do the same this morning-I am managing to get enough good ones to can. 
   Progress being made in the deep cleaning, the utility room is now finished, part of the hallway, and next up is the bedroom which has turned into a major catch all place for things that have no where to go-so that will be a week project in itself.
   Soon, I will be tackling the textured ceiling in the bathroom-decided to just do the tissue paper technique, but I will try to put it up with less texture than the walls. Once that is all textured primed and painted-I can finally paint my walls-yeah.
    I am working on not getting overwhelmed as I have soooo much I want to accomplish before winter, and still take time for my creating. Next up will be making my herbal salves and balms, those will be allot of fun to make. and go through my dye stuffs to make sure I have everything for both cotton and wools. I have purchased several cotton and linen blouses to re claim into new garments. I have only found one more silk blouse so far.
   My book on Saori weaving came last saturday-so happy I splurged and purchased this book-love the simplicity of this technique-more on that when I do my first piece.
What have you all been up to??

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good Morning Saturday

Good morning saturday-a little rain here-but not enough to help really-we are behind with water now. My garden is pretty much done-my tomatoes are rotting on the vine instead of ripening-don't know what is up with that-perhaps too many low temps in the 50's F at night. I was hoping for a good soaking this weekend so I can start to pull things and replant for some fall crops.

I am seriously thinking of closing my soap shop at the end of this year. I need to find boxes to ship soap molds-I will be selling off most of my soap molds, and keeping several for me. I still have allot of soap base in stock-but I will just use it up eventually for me or for trades or swaps.
I may decide to add a few soap offerings in my etsy fibers shop for those few customers I have. or I may just set up my soap shop with a few offerings, and not worry about sales-I make my soap custom to order now any ways. will need to think on that.I just will not be working on new items to offer since they are not getting found and purchased.
This is sad for me cause I really have enjoyed making soap-very little profit margin though after all the seller fees etc, and I don't get paid for my time. so I think it is time to let it go this december. sigh

However, next week I will be making my herbal salves and balms-have lots of herbs in oils to strain off-those will be fun to make, will be making one for arthritis hands too, and will offer them in my soap shop

well I am off to finish cleaning my utility room-decided to start cleaning from the back of the house forward-everything needs a deep clean before winter. I did get my two deep freezers defrosted and re organized-yeah these are huge freezers so a big job-now have room for venison this fall

Enjoy your weekend

Friday, August 15, 2014

Do You Ever Purchase Something Online-and Then Just Want It Like Right Now??

  That's me this week.  From my blog friend Gene who is a weaver too, I have learned about saori weaving-from Japan. He also suggested to check out Ravelry for more information.
   I was quite intrigued, so I have been reading lots online since last week, finding beautiful things on Pinterest, and on Etsy. There are several books out some mostly patterns-pretty pricey and the majority are not in English but in Japanese. Everything I have read though says the diagrams and photos are excellent to follow for making clothing.
   So I went on Ebay-and wow the book I thought I would get first has an English version-tells all about saori and it's founder and also has a few patterns in the back of the book. The price was the lowest I had seen any where online, so when there was a second watcher for this book-I bought it-so now I just want it to arrive my mailbox right now-lol
    While browsing the web I ran into a blog where the author went to Japan to study saori and while there the founder had turned 101 years old and was still weaving and teaching-how amazing.
    This is a free form of weaving-no rules, don't worry about the edges, just have fun with weaving. From what I can tell from the looms in the photos-it is just two harness -like the rigid heddle looms, but can be purchased as floor looms-and the design comes with the weft-perhaps a little tapestry techniques too. So this would be perfect for anyone already enjoying their rigid heddle loom, or for me with the 4 harness loom just use two. I love the look of the floor looms though especially with the built in feature for winding yarn on to a bobbin-how cool is that-I would love one of those.
   If interested I found lots of beautiful projects on pinterest and on ravelry-I never realized ravelry had so much to offer for weavers-I joined several groups-asked questions and already got such wonderful feedback and help-what a wonderful site. So I am quite motivated now.

We are back to normal summer's high temps now-the weather man says he thinks it will stay like this til fall-let me tell ya we have been sooooo spoiled with glorious weather here so far.

I am in the process of defrosting my second commercial deep freezer-so I need to get off here and see if the ice has loosened.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Qilting Books for Sale

All books $6.00
   Includes free usps media mail shipping (no international sales) For these books I prefer payment with usps money order (no other money orders, no checks, and no paypal to save on paypal fees-thanks) All books are in excellent condition-most bought new never used-time to clear out lots of books and get them to those of you that can use these wonderful books

Just send me an email if interested thanks

Barbara Randle Crazy Quilting with Attitude like new

sold Redwork from the workbasket by Rebecca Kemp Brent like new with unused cd

Bits and Pieces by Karen Costello Soltys hardcover

Thimbleberries Book of Quilts  a large sof cover book

Quiltmaker's Fancy by the editors of Quiltmaker Magazine

Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie Too  b y Suzanne Cirillo

sold Learn to do Redwork b y american school of needlework

Paper Piece a Flower Garden by Jodie Davis

More Elm Creek Quilts b y Jennifer Chiaverini

Paper Piece the Quick Strip Way by Peggy Martin

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Another Wednesday & I Just Posted my Handwoven on Etsy-Updated Photos

  Good morning, I am busy making soap this morning. After that I should have enough ripe tomatoes to can up another batch of pints. The blend of the different heirlooms cooks up with great flavors.
    Making progress on my needle felting-bear picture. This is a fun and relaxing project. The guys went on the lake to go fishing this morning-they fish for cats and I think bass too.
    I got one freezer finished-yeah-we had a little venison left so I gave some to our friend Mr. L-would like to get it all used up before November's hunt. I made a venison tenderloin for supper last night-sooo delicious and tender. I made it a little different this time. Instead of on the grill, on my gas stove I got a cast iron skillet super hot with a little olive oil-added the tenderloin-seared both sides-then added a bold steak sauce, put on a lid, turned the heat down low for 45 minutes. Midway I added mushrooms and red bell pepper strips.(early morning I added a little marinade for game-just a little for flavor)  I have found that venison over cooks in a crock pot-really like this method. To go with the tenderloin I added baked red potatoes, and steamed kale. Fresh fruit for dessert-good eats!

Here is the listing  I still need to get a photo of it being worn, hopefully in a day or two-but I wanted to get it listed since fall is approaching.

    Enjoy your wednesday-

Updated new photos-check the link above for more photos

Monday, August 11, 2014

UGH Started Cleaning the Utility Room that Also Has Two Commercial Deep Freezers

  I have been putting off this project for some time now-and just decided gotta start on this.
  This is a small room but the two commercial freezers fill it up-haven't figured out how I am going to scrub the floor behind these freezers yet-fun! These also so need a defrosting-which I will do one today.
   I never did like cleaning and scrubbing-who does really, but I just have to start so I can stay with it-and get this house in shape before winter.
   As you know our house has been under construction forever it seems-I am really working on hubby as soon as the weather cools off-I need kitchen cabinets-period. today I told him since I have no place to put any thing I am going to start boxing up stuff and take it out to his shop-lol maybe that will convince him lol  sorry that's my rant for now every so often this house just gets to me-a fixer upper that is not getting fixed.
    Now that I finished my art journal I got out my bears to finish up the needle felting-and then decide if I can afford to get it framed-I would love to enjoy this piece above my desk. It needs to be under glass to stay clean and it needs spacers too. I ordered more felting needles in case I break these new ones-so I can stick with this til finished.
   I will alternate the needle felting with threading my loom as that is really tedious. I don't think I will have much more to can except tomatoes-which are still not ripening up in quantity. I made tomato soup yesterday-wow it turned out so good. We are just going to enjoy that this week and I will not can it.
   I put out a bunch of books really really cheap on ebay just to get them out of here too-and I ended up selling 6 of them-I have another stack of books going cheap on yahoo quilters flea market-I am working on emptying my book case of most all of my quilt books-and replacing with a few new weaving books. 
     Happy Monday everyone-

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Good Morning Sunday and I Finished my Art Journal

  The other evening I finished my art journal. This was a very fun creative journey-so glad I "just did this". This link should take you to the photos.
   The pages were very time consuming to hand sew in-on most I sewed in two rows of stitching, each page took at least 2 hours to complete. I kept a tab of the hours spent for this project and the total came to 99 Hours. It is amazing how much of ourselves goes into projects like this-but for me it is time well spent-and I have an end project upon completion.
   I can see now why many also reconstruct the binding as well-as the book does not lie flat-the front cover kinda stuck up and didn't close or lie flat to the pages-so I decided to tie it shut. Hoping not to run into a binding issue after adding in lots of dye samples on the pages. If that becomes an issue I will be contacting Shroo to see how to do that.

    My garden is small but it has been producing some nice green beans to freeze. A big disappointment with the cucumbers I planted so will not be making pickles this summer. I have been canning up small batches of tomatoes and also jars of mixed veggies that can be added to soups and stews this winter. I also just canned a few quarts of veggie juice-just grabbed what I could find and ran it through the juicer and then canned.
  Friday morning I got stung by a bee in the garden on the tip of my finger. My fault I was pulling back vines to find veggies and got nailed. Hubby got the stinger out which stopped the pain almost instantly, but by evening it got worse all of a sudden and is still really sore and swollen-guess it will take some time to get the poison out. I broke down and took a benydrl last night but didn't seem to help, as it is the same this morning.

   I missed the large moon last night-did any of you get to view it? 

   My friend came over last week and I showed her my handwoven shrug. We decided not to add the buttons as she didn't think my being off the 1/4" in the woven design showed up that much. Where I was going to sew on the buttons is very bulky with the seams too so that is why I hadn't sewn them on yet-was still deciding. I am just going to go with it, I have always been very critical of my own work.
       I haven't had the chance to get photos yet so I can get my piece listed in my shop.
    I am warping up another piece on my loom-this one is for a long time blog friend. She had surprised me with alpaca yarn from her trip to Peru last year-so I am surprising her back.

   I am off to water and pick more veggies that have ripened since friday morning. Enjoy your day

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Swap

I can not credit for the gorgeous photo of my bracelet-taken by my friend Lisa, jewelry artist.

I really love my new bracelet read more here  about our swap

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday & Home for Family Quilts

Happy Friday to all of you

  I have been able to do a little canning, actually working up smaller batches at a time is kinda nice for me now.
   The tomatoes are not ripening up in quantity so I am just canning halves in pints when I get enough. Our friend that grew the seeds for me brought me over a half bucket of green beans-his 4th large picking already-so I canned those and they turned out really nice. I did them up a little different this time, per a recipe I found on the net.
   I usually do the cold pack method-and this was still considered the cold pack process-but you blanch them for 3 minutes first-plunge in cold water-and then process adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to each pint. These beans were a tad tough-so after this process and some I frenched-they are now very tender-and they filled the jars without shrinking-with the extra blanching process.
   I also canned up one batch of pickled bing cherries yesterday.  I hadn't realized that I didn't have any coriander seeds in the pantry so I made them without- I had one jar that did not seal-so we can test them in a couple weeks to see how they turned out. These are always a huge favorite with the guys. Recipe here

   Good news, and this makes me very happy-after my post about selling some of my Mom's quilts, my neighbor friend said she would be interested as she was in the process of buying cedar chests for her three grandchildren and filling them with special things. The more I thought about this-the more I realized these quilts made by Mom needed to stay in the family, including my great grandmother's quilt. 
     So with more thinking-I remembered one of my cousins-he was the youngest of a large family and is about 15 years younger than me so when I left home hadn't stayed in contact with family much, especially after our grandparents passed. We all spread out in different parts of the country too. The family gatherings were always held at our grandparents farm.
     He has a wonderful family which I had met a few times. Why didn't I think of this before-I asked myself?? 
    His older siblings just would not work out and I had contacted my Grandmother's side of the family before with no interest.
    So instead of just calling and springing this on them, I wrote a letter and gave them my email and phone number of when would be best for me to call. 
     He called me last night, we talked for about an hour-a nice catch up for us-and he and his wife are just thrilled and honored to take possession of our great grandmother's quilt.
     I asked him if he would take and enjoy several of my Mom's quilts and then pass them on to their children perhaps when they get older and would appreciate them. 
    My grandmother's quilt has been weighing on my mind for two years now. With Mom's help at that time, we did the family research, I took lots of notes, and also purchased a handmade book that I commissioned to go with this quilt so I could write down the history.
     I had contacted a local museum at that time too.

    Before I thought of my cousin I also contacted a quilt historian for advice and she said museums must say now that what you donate can be sold or traded-as just too hard to commit forever now. I guess that does make sense. She also told me that local history will usually stay with the museum, and she suggested I contact them again if I did not have another option. 
   That's when I just decided I really must find family. My cousin cherishes our family history as well, so I will be sending him some other things too from time to time that were our grandparents.
     Once I get caught up on summer time things, I will find my notes-put the story together and write it all down. 
   I just can not put down in words how much this means to me.

Have an awesome weekend! Hubby is taking off with his friend again for a mini trip in a few days. I am so happy for him that he is able to do this. I better get off here and start my hand watering of the veggies-still no rain here.


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