Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Handwoven Wrap

  I have spent a few days doing all the hand sewing on this garment-I was really pleased with this as I worked on it- feels luxurious wearing it-However-details-I looked in the mirror and oh my the bottom design is off by 1/2"-and it just jumped right out at me. It is really noticeable too.

The ends started out exactly the same length, but when I took it off the loom it started to unweave on me right away-I wove the two rows back together as best I could-zig zag stitched the ends. I used some vintage hem tape to protect the ends and hand stitched that on-never thought to re measure everything before I hand hemmed the ends that made into little cuffs-

Now to decided what to do-too much work to take all the hand sewing out, and I used wool yarn to sew with so it is meshed together already too.    sigh   


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