Saturday, July 12, 2014

How's Your Summer Weekend? and Weaving Progress-I'm Almost Finished

  I knew we were going to be having "sauna" weather so early yesterday morning I picked more blackberries, and made two more small batches of jam-actually my neighbor friend corrected me and said I was making preserves not jam-lol either way good eats.

  I had two quarts left over so I froze those-will make more upside down cake lol

   I found those huge horn worms on one of my tomato plants-they had already ate quite a bit of one side-those are the worse bugs for just destroying an entire plant-crop. 

  I have now gone through 95 pounds of sugar for the hummingbirds and have just opened up the next 25 pound bag. We have a few less bees now too.

   I decided this weekend will be perfect for weaving-I was hoping to finish this piece over the weekend-and it all went so well today that I got lots done-from the photos (click to enlarge) you can see there is much more woven than there is warp to weave-so I am happy happy. Anxious to get this piece off the loom, add lots of long fringe, hand sew the ends for arms and wash and dry and list in my shop.
     I want to make another one for me using some leather strips, wool, and sari ribbons.

Just taking a little break-back to my weaving

Happy Weekend to all of you


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