Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th and the Winners of my Lavender Spa Bars Are--

Happy Birthday America! We will have a perfect weather day here in the Ozarks-it's 50 degrees f now and will just make it up to the low 80s with little humidity-love that. We don't go anywhere but I will be grilling ribs, making a blackberry upside cake from the wild berries I found yesterday and will figure out the rest lol

Now to the winners-I was excited when I drew the names cause they both are long time blog friends-probably since yahoo 360 days

First name drawn is Brendainmad and the second in Susan Van Dorn. Congratulations to the both of you. Brenda let me know where you want me to mail and Susan I think I already have your address  I would love a review of my new soap when ever you get the chance after using it.

Hubby's home, their trip was allot shorter than planned do to all the crazy weather. They missed the first stop do to bad storms so we all spent the day doing things around home. They headed off to the friend that lives near Gettysburg, Pa and had a really fun time, but couldn't take off to the third destination do to the weather so they came home Wednesday afternoon.Hubby bought a couple bottles of wine from a winery that sits near the battlefield-it was commemortive wine for the 150th. 
      I was able to just finish all the texturing on the walls around the tub area when he called for me to pick him up. Yesterday morning, the walls were dry enough so I could paint, and by late afternoon was able to put the shower curtains back up around the tub-so glad I was able to get that accomplished.

I am going to get back to work on the rocks again-I should be able to put up more before the tub needs to come out to finish. We are still discussing the ceiling-on how to do it-I like the idea of panels but that room has lots of cut outs and not sure if hubby is really up to doing that--so I am still thinking I may be texturing the ceiling-so not painting my walls till I know what we are doing.

I was also able to make allot of white wool balls into skeins so they are ready to mordant and to dye with. When it gets too hot to be outdoors I will start the mordant process of my wools so they will be ready to dye. I can do some dyeing in the house but I also like to do some outdoors in a big pot over a fire.

I haven't been around much reading you like I love to-but I am limiting my time on the computer for awhile to get things done-my house is also in desperate need of  a serious clean so I will be busy busy for awhile doing all sorts of things.

Happy Birthday USA  enjoy your celebrations all.


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