Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good Morning Tuesday and a Little Catch Up

   We are back to cooler mornings again here this week-in the 50s-very unusual for this area of the country  Sad thing though, which is usual for this area, no rain for over 3 weeks and none in the 10 day forecast. So to keep my veggies going especially my beans and tomatoes I have been hand watering early every morning-takes me about 3 hours-a real "pain" 
   I had totally forgotten to lay out the soaker hoses when I planted in the spring-need to make myself a note to do that for next year's garden.
   Yesterday the telephone guys came out and dug us a new line, Larry showed them a better path to take then the one they had before, so that was pretty speedy service actually.

   My neighbor friend returned from her week long vacation with her family in northern Missouri-and was able to pick me up another button that would match with one I had-these buttons are made from coconut shells and painted so they don't match exactly but I think they will be fine for my handwoven. Will show photos when I get them sewed on and listed in my Etsy Kathyinozarks Fibers shop.

   Surprise in the mail yesterday I got my handmade bracelet in the mail-this is the one we swapped for. When Lisa does her post I will link up so you can see photos (her photos are much better than mine)-I have never seen in person the bracelets that use memory wire and just wrap around your wrist-and decided I wanted one. I love what she did.

   And another surprise yesterday in the garden-this very cool moth that was sitting on an eggplant leaf. (click to enlarge)

 At first I thought it was a dead leaf but when I tried to brush if off didn't feel like a leaf lol

I also got a really nice harvest of my edamame beans. We really enjoy these but in the stores they are always from China so decided to grow some for us. We had a really bad t storm in the spring that knocked out most of my plants-I had about 10 plants left but they were just loaded with beans.

So I steam blanched these and got them in the freezer yesterday.

I am not getting allot of beans at one time which is strange to me-as I have gorgeous lush plants loaded with blooms, same thing happening in Mr L's garden too perhaps do to the cooler night,  I do have plenty of  bees around too for pollination.  I was able to get enough from a couple small pickings to freeze some.
    I dug out my old Cuisinart that hubby bought me years and years ago-we actually traded for it at a garage sale and I bought a box of blades for it at the time.We are talking back in the late 80s here.
      I am one that has always prepared all foods totally by  hand with no help from machines-it just felt more homemade to me that way and connected me more with my farmgirl Grandma. However, now that I am having major arthritis issues in my hands I remembered this-wow what a blessing this it-amazing what it does for me-lol I know I am wierd sometimes lol  so anyways I forgot to take a photo while frenching my beans but here is the after.

I got these steam blanched this morning and they are now ready for the freezer.

Next up is to make some pickled bing cherries-these are sooo awesome-the guys love these and eat the whole jar once opened. I also want to make a batch of jam too. I was able to pick up some gorgeous bing cherries on sale at wal mart of all places-these were grown in Washington state, USA

Well I am off to finish up the beans, then feed the hummers and the bees-yep lots of bees back again-and water the veggies-enjoy your day!


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