Thursday, July 17, 2014

For You That Quilt or Collect Quilts-Mom's Quilts for Sale

   I guess it is the fact that I am approaching official seniorhood-lol that I am working on destashing and finding homes for some things. Working mostly on quilt books now-I collect books and I love them, but I just need to de stash and hopefully get some of my monies back. I am listing those off and on at etsy, ebay, or yahoo quilters flea market online
    I am also seriously thinking of selling some of the gorgeous quilts my Mom made. This is sad I know but I have no heirs, cousins are not interested. 
    So I am thinking now if there is an interest I would like to sell them to my friends and readers who love quilts and will cherish them and hopefully have an heir to pass them down to-at the least use them and enjoy them
   My Mom made beautiful quilts but did not quilt them herself-she either paid for hand quilting by an amish neighbor or paid for machine quilting. A couple in particular are gorgeous applique. I also have my great grandmother's quilt and in the past I have contacted cousins-no interest. I also contacted a museum in that area who said they would love to have it-but then she told me you do know once you give it to us we can sell or trade it at anytime-so thinking-no I don't like that idea. This is a knotted quilt with indigos and has never been used-ever-sad story and if there is an interest I will share the heritage-It is on my mind especially that needs a good home. Was made during the flu epidemic in 1918 I think it was.
   If interested please contact me by email and I can discuss what I have and share photos.

I have gotten a few emails-thank you so much for the interest.       I thought I would share a general price-they will be around $500.00 to $750.00 each quilt depending on the size they are all at least a queen.
     I know this sounds like allot of money but when you break down the costs-Mom only bought high quality quilters cotton from quilt stores and she paid $250.00 to $300.00 just for the quilting on each piece-so these prices cover the cost not the time. She is someone that never had a stash of fabrics, she bought new fabrics for each quilt except for her scrappy pieces.


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