Monday, July 7, 2014

Do You Enjoy Trading or Swapping? & Weaving Progress

  Country folks do this allot, swap a task or job in trade for something, especially when monies are tight. We don't do this as much now but we have done this allot in the past.

    Last week I found some more beautiful beads that I fell in love with on Etsy-and had to have them lol  I contacted a jewelry designer that I love and asked if she could make these into a bracelet for me and what she would charge-and she replied no money just some soap products. Wow I loved that.

   I got to thinking about this, and since I am not selling anything and am now seriously thinking of closing down my soap shop for the most part-or just run a few items but no longer create new things since what I have been making is not finding homes-why not swap instead?  So much more fun and perhaps less mental stress for me-like why I am not getting found-or if I am why no sales. 
   A note if interested- I do still plan on making some herbal salves end of this month-I am so enthused with the healing results of the violet leaf balm that I made-that I do want to make more-especially for me so will be offering a few for sale.

   So if you are someone that makes handmade beads or other beautiful items I may be contacting you for a swap. lol

  Any input always welcome-hope this does not sound like whine-it's just realty at this point-time to move on.

I have been weaving a bit each day now, and today I really have the "beat" of the pattern-and I can see I am making progressing as I wind the weave forward-can't tell you how good it feels to weave again-I have put it off way too long now.

That little flash of green in the first photo I think is a pillow I made that is sitting on a rocking chair behind the loom. These yarns feel so heavenly too. The yarns I am weaving with-the weft is silk, mohair, and wool, and the warp on the loom is organic cotton which is soooo soft as well-this will be a very warm wrap for fall when completed.

Update: Tuedsay morning   This is kinda funny, I set up this warp a year ago and with all the stress stuff we went through last summer just now getting to weave this. I had been thinking all along that one of the fibers in the weft was from the silk cone I had-nope I am winding on more fibers and discovered the light color weft that matches in with the warp is actually a mix of flax-cotton-rayon. I am thinking now when I set this up I chose this yarn since it has cotton in it to match the cotton warp. lol  I need to take some notes for this project.


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