Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blackberry Jam and Calendula Flowers

  The other day I went out to pick some wild blackberries behind one of our larger ponds. We have had enough rain and cooler days this summer that the berries are plump and so delicious-not all dried up like some years.

  They are also ripening up in small batches which is not the norm either-but kinda nice. Tuesday morning I picked around a gallon-enough to make a blackberry upside down cake this morning, and I had four cups left to make a small batch of jam.

   I really love Ball's newest low sugar-no sugar pectin-I buy it in their little jars and is enough to make a few small batches during the summer. This time I added in about an 1/8 cup of honey-just enough to take the "bite" out of the berries. I didn't realize when I went food shopping yesterday that I was out of lemon juice so I used lime juice instead. I follow the recipe on the Ball package and it comes out perfect. Lots of fruit and very little sweetening added-I love that for my jams now.

   These jams are perfect with maple syrup to use over our homemade pancakes or waffles-yummy, and of course goes great with peanut butter sandwiches too-lol

   When I checked on the garden this morning-the calendula flowers are just starting to bloom-so I will be picking the flowers now probably every other day and drying them. This variety I planted has a very high concentration of the beneficial properties of the calendula-I will be infusing these in olive oil to add to my salves and soaps.

   In the freezer I found a shoulder of venison-so our friend Mr L is smoking that for the four of us today-I need to be thinking about what to make for sides-and quickly lol

Happy Thursday!


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