Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good Morning Tuesday and a Little Catch Up

   We are back to cooler mornings again here this week-in the 50s-very unusual for this area of the country  Sad thing though, which is usual for this area, no rain for over 3 weeks and none in the 10 day forecast. So to keep my veggies going especially my beans and tomatoes I have been hand watering early every morning-takes me about 3 hours-a real "pain" 
   I had totally forgotten to lay out the soaker hoses when I planted in the spring-need to make myself a note to do that for next year's garden.
   Yesterday the telephone guys came out and dug us a new line, Larry showed them a better path to take then the one they had before, so that was pretty speedy service actually.

   My neighbor friend returned from her week long vacation with her family in northern Missouri-and was able to pick me up another button that would match with one I had-these buttons are made from coconut shells and painted so they don't match exactly but I think they will be fine for my handwoven. Will show photos when I get them sewed on and listed in my Etsy Kathyinozarks Fibers shop.

   Surprise in the mail yesterday I got my handmade bracelet in the mail-this is the one we swapped for. When Lisa does her post I will link up so you can see photos (her photos are much better than mine)-I have never seen in person the bracelets that use memory wire and just wrap around your wrist-and decided I wanted one. I love what she did.

   And another surprise yesterday in the garden-this very cool moth that was sitting on an eggplant leaf. (click to enlarge)

 At first I thought it was a dead leaf but when I tried to brush if off didn't feel like a leaf lol

I also got a really nice harvest of my edamame beans. We really enjoy these but in the stores they are always from China so decided to grow some for us. We had a really bad t storm in the spring that knocked out most of my plants-I had about 10 plants left but they were just loaded with beans.

So I steam blanched these and got them in the freezer yesterday.

I am not getting allot of beans at one time which is strange to me-as I have gorgeous lush plants loaded with blooms, same thing happening in Mr L's garden too perhaps do to the cooler night,  I do have plenty of  bees around too for pollination.  I was able to get enough from a couple small pickings to freeze some.
    I dug out my old Cuisinart that hubby bought me years and years ago-we actually traded for it at a garage sale and I bought a box of blades for it at the time.We are talking back in the late 80s here.
      I am one that has always prepared all foods totally by  hand with no help from machines-it just felt more homemade to me that way and connected me more with my farmgirl Grandma. However, now that I am having major arthritis issues in my hands I remembered this-wow what a blessing this it-amazing what it does for me-lol I know I am wierd sometimes lol  so anyways I forgot to take a photo while frenching my beans but here is the after.

I got these steam blanched this morning and they are now ready for the freezer.

Next up is to make some pickled bing cherries-these are sooo awesome-the guys love these and eat the whole jar once opened. I also want to make a batch of jam too. I was able to pick up some gorgeous bing cherries on sale at wal mart of all places-these were grown in Washington state, USA

Well I am off to finish up the beans, then feed the hummers and the bees-yep lots of bees back again-and water the veggies-enjoy your day!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Orange Phone Line

Over this past weekend our phone quit working-so I called repair and they came out early Monday-we have over a half mile driveway so you imagine our phone line. It took a bit for him to find the problem-on top of a holler an animal dug out one of the connections. I took some photos cause this temporary orange line was too funny.

I hope this link works-I set it as public and you can view as a slideshow once there

They said it will take a few weeks to get equipment out to fix it and they need to decide how to do it

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Need Your Opinions Please--Which Button do you Like Best

Thanks to Gene's suggestion and combining it with something that popped into my head late last night-I decided to bring up the seam  next to the body and sew on a button-mistake won't be noticeable and I think it is a design plus for this garment.

Going through some of my large stash of buttons-new ones first-I found these buttons that match in nicely-made in Italy. I was looking for a little larger button but I actually like these.

So do you love either button better??

Now that I look at these buttons in the photos I think they are all too small?-I found one I bought made with coconut shell but I only have one-need to think on this more.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Handwoven Wrap

  I have spent a few days doing all the hand sewing on this garment-I was really pleased with this as I worked on it- feels luxurious wearing it-However-details-I looked in the mirror and oh my the bottom design is off by 1/2"-and it just jumped right out at me. It is really noticeable too.

The ends started out exactly the same length, but when I took it off the loom it started to unweave on me right away-I wove the two rows back together as best I could-zig zag stitched the ends. I used some vintage hem tape to protect the ends and hand stitched that on-never thought to re measure everything before I hand hemmed the ends that made into little cuffs-

Now to decided what to do-too much work to take all the hand sewing out, and I used wool yarn to sew with so it is meshed together already too.    sigh   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

For You That Quilt or Collect Quilts-Mom's Quilts for Sale

   I guess it is the fact that I am approaching official seniorhood-lol that I am working on destashing and finding homes for some things. Working mostly on quilt books now-I collect books and I love them, but I just need to de stash and hopefully get some of my monies back. I am listing those off and on at etsy, ebay, or yahoo quilters flea market online
    I am also seriously thinking of selling some of the gorgeous quilts my Mom made. This is sad I know but I have no heirs, cousins are not interested. 
    So I am thinking now if there is an interest I would like to sell them to my friends and readers who love quilts and will cherish them and hopefully have an heir to pass them down to-at the least use them and enjoy them
   My Mom made beautiful quilts but did not quilt them herself-she either paid for hand quilting by an amish neighbor or paid for machine quilting. A couple in particular are gorgeous applique. I also have my great grandmother's quilt and in the past I have contacted cousins-no interest. I also contacted a museum in that area who said they would love to have it-but then she told me you do know once you give it to us we can sell or trade it at anytime-so thinking-no I don't like that idea. This is a knotted quilt with indigos and has never been used-ever-sad story and if there is an interest I will share the heritage-It is on my mind especially that needs a good home. Was made during the flu epidemic in 1918 I think it was.
   If interested please contact me by email and I can discuss what I have and share photos.

I have gotten a few emails-thank you so much for the interest.       I thought I would share a general price-they will be around $500.00 to $750.00 each quilt depending on the size they are all at least a queen.
     I know this sounds like allot of money but when you break down the costs-Mom only bought high quality quilters cotton from quilt stores and she paid $250.00 to $300.00 just for the quilting on each piece-so these prices cover the cost not the time. She is someone that never had a stash of fabrics, she bought new fabrics for each quilt except for her scrappy pieces.

Monday, July 14, 2014

"London Fog" Has Arrived in the Ozarks-Photos of Spider Webs, Around the Garden, Hummers

 We had storms go through last night-some much needed rain for the garden, and cool temps down to the 50s so we have thick fog this morning.

  So when I was out doing my morning chores I noticed a few spider webs. Perhaps cause I weave, I just love viewing these gorgeous works of woven threads-especially after a rain and a fog. Several years ago I took photos in the fall of just huge spectacular webs-this morning small ones but still so cool. Click to enlarge for better viewing


Awesome Giveaway for Quilters

Have you seen those amazing quilt blocks made with metal?-they are very cool. My friend Michelle at Quilts From My Crayon Box is hosting a giveaway from the Classic Metal Company-an American company and made in the USA I so love that.

Go here to sign up

Here are a couple photos from her post

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Handwoven is Off the Loom

I am very happy with this piece so far. Has a wonderful "hand" and drape with body, and will be very warm. I made this wider than I have before so it will stay on the shoulders better. I will be hemming the sleeve edges on this one instead of fringe. I really do love fringe-and lots of it, but this piece tells me no fringe. 

Next up is to stitch the two edges-wash and air dry, and then sew up sleeves and then hem.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How's Your Summer Weekend? and Weaving Progress-I'm Almost Finished

  I knew we were going to be having "sauna" weather so early yesterday morning I picked more blackberries, and made two more small batches of jam-actually my neighbor friend corrected me and said I was making preserves not jam-lol either way good eats.

  I had two quarts left over so I froze those-will make more upside down cake lol

   I found those huge horn worms on one of my tomato plants-they had already ate quite a bit of one side-those are the worse bugs for just destroying an entire plant-crop. 

  I have now gone through 95 pounds of sugar for the hummingbirds and have just opened up the next 25 pound bag. We have a few less bees now too.

   I decided this weekend will be perfect for weaving-I was hoping to finish this piece over the weekend-and it all went so well today that I got lots done-from the photos (click to enlarge) you can see there is much more woven than there is warp to weave-so I am happy happy. Anxious to get this piece off the loom, add lots of long fringe, hand sew the ends for arms and wash and dry and list in my shop.
     I want to make another one for me using some leather strips, wool, and sari ribbons.

Just taking a little break-back to my weaving

Happy Weekend to all of you

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blackberry Jam and Calendula Flowers

  The other day I went out to pick some wild blackberries behind one of our larger ponds. We have had enough rain and cooler days this summer that the berries are plump and so delicious-not all dried up like some years.

  They are also ripening up in small batches which is not the norm either-but kinda nice. Tuesday morning I picked around a gallon-enough to make a blackberry upside down cake this morning, and I had four cups left to make a small batch of jam.

   I really love Ball's newest low sugar-no sugar pectin-I buy it in their little jars and is enough to make a few small batches during the summer. This time I added in about an 1/8 cup of honey-just enough to take the "bite" out of the berries. I didn't realize when I went food shopping yesterday that I was out of lemon juice so I used lime juice instead. I follow the recipe on the Ball package and it comes out perfect. Lots of fruit and very little sweetening added-I love that for my jams now.

   These jams are perfect with maple syrup to use over our homemade pancakes or waffles-yummy, and of course goes great with peanut butter sandwiches too-lol

   When I checked on the garden this morning-the calendula flowers are just starting to bloom-so I will be picking the flowers now probably every other day and drying them. This variety I planted has a very high concentration of the beneficial properties of the calendula-I will be infusing these in olive oil to add to my salves and soaps.

   In the freezer I found a shoulder of venison-so our friend Mr L is smoking that for the four of us today-I need to be thinking about what to make for sides-and quickly lol

Happy Thursday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Do You Enjoy Trading or Swapping? & Weaving Progress

  Country folks do this allot, swap a task or job in trade for something, especially when monies are tight. We don't do this as much now but we have done this allot in the past.

    Last week I found some more beautiful beads that I fell in love with on Etsy-and had to have them lol  I contacted a jewelry designer that I love and asked if she could make these into a bracelet for me and what she would charge-and she replied no money just some soap products. Wow I loved that.

   I got to thinking about this, and since I am not selling anything and am now seriously thinking of closing down my soap shop for the most part-or just run a few items but no longer create new things since what I have been making is not finding homes-why not swap instead?  So much more fun and perhaps less mental stress for me-like why I am not getting found-or if I am why no sales. 
   A note if interested- I do still plan on making some herbal salves end of this month-I am so enthused with the healing results of the violet leaf balm that I made-that I do want to make more-especially for me so will be offering a few for sale.

   So if you are someone that makes handmade beads or other beautiful items I may be contacting you for a swap. lol

  Any input always welcome-hope this does not sound like whine-it's just realty at this point-time to move on.

I have been weaving a bit each day now, and today I really have the "beat" of the pattern-and I can see I am making progressing as I wind the weave forward-can't tell you how good it feels to weave again-I have put it off way too long now.

That little flash of green in the first photo I think is a pillow I made that is sitting on a rocking chair behind the loom. These yarns feel so heavenly too. The yarns I am weaving with-the weft is silk, mohair, and wool, and the warp on the loom is organic cotton which is soooo soft as well-this will be a very warm wrap for fall when completed.

Update: Tuedsay morning   This is kinda funny, I set up this warp a year ago and with all the stress stuff we went through last summer just now getting to weave this. I had been thinking all along that one of the fibers in the weft was from the silk cone I had-nope I am winding on more fibers and discovered the light color weft that matches in with the warp is actually a mix of flax-cotton-rayon. I am thinking now when I set this up I chose this yarn since it has cotton in it to match the cotton warp. lol  I need to take some notes for this project.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Val's Piggy Bank Challenge-Photo of my "Piggy Bank" Added

My friend Val is always coming up with these fun ideas and linky parties. This time she is hosting the Piggy Bank Challenge-we save our extra change or bills-throw them into a "piggy bank" and a year from now we'll share what we saved and what we want to buy with our savings  Read more about it here

I decided to grab an old tin I had collected-Uncle Ben's 40th Anniversary tin from 1983 (wow I am getting old lol-as I bought this new at the time)

   I would probably use my piggy bank cash for supplies or fun items I find on Etsy, I love that site for unique handmade buttons, beads, finding artists and craftsman, wool and more.
   I am posting the link up on my page side bar here-we have a week to join in.

Val's Quilting Studio

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th and the Winners of my Lavender Spa Bars Are--

Happy Birthday America! We will have a perfect weather day here in the Ozarks-it's 50 degrees f now and will just make it up to the low 80s with little humidity-love that. We don't go anywhere but I will be grilling ribs, making a blackberry upside cake from the wild berries I found yesterday and will figure out the rest lol

Now to the winners-I was excited when I drew the names cause they both are long time blog friends-probably since yahoo 360 days

First name drawn is Brendainmad and the second in Susan Van Dorn. Congratulations to the both of you. Brenda let me know where you want me to mail and Susan I think I already have your address  I would love a review of my new soap when ever you get the chance after using it.

Hubby's home, their trip was allot shorter than planned do to all the crazy weather. They missed the first stop do to bad storms so we all spent the day doing things around home. They headed off to the friend that lives near Gettysburg, Pa and had a really fun time, but couldn't take off to the third destination do to the weather so they came home Wednesday afternoon.Hubby bought a couple bottles of wine from a winery that sits near the battlefield-it was commemortive wine for the 150th. 
      I was able to just finish all the texturing on the walls around the tub area when he called for me to pick him up. Yesterday morning, the walls were dry enough so I could paint, and by late afternoon was able to put the shower curtains back up around the tub-so glad I was able to get that accomplished.

I am going to get back to work on the rocks again-I should be able to put up more before the tub needs to come out to finish. We are still discussing the ceiling-on how to do it-I like the idea of panels but that room has lots of cut outs and not sure if hubby is really up to doing that--so I am still thinking I may be texturing the ceiling-so not painting my walls till I know what we are doing.

I was also able to make allot of white wool balls into skeins so they are ready to mordant and to dye with. When it gets too hot to be outdoors I will start the mordant process of my wools so they will be ready to dye. I can do some dyeing in the house but I also like to do some outdoors in a big pot over a fire.

I haven't been around much reading you like I love to-but I am limiting my time on the computer for awhile to get things done-my house is also in desperate need of  a serious clean so I will be busy busy for awhile doing all sorts of things.

Happy Birthday USA  enjoy your celebrations all.


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