Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Supper Muggy and Our Day Today

  We have been in a cycle of a little rain every day, staying in the 80s for the most part, but now the air is soooo thick and heavy. I guess we are to be part of those big storms coming through-and hopefully that will rid of us of the humidity. Hope so. Our a/c broke so getting pretty uncomfortable now in the house..

  Tomorrow is our 32nd wedding anniversary so since Larry just works too much I suggested he choose a day this week and take me to the resale shops. We haven't done that together in some time. 
    So today we went. I was only looking for more silk blouses to dye and then sell-and not a silk garment in sight today. I am destashing so I purposely did not check on the crafts for sale-although I probably should have checked for more white skeins of wool that I pick up sometimes-to dye. So I was good and did not browse too much-I really don't need that much any more-and no place to put it anymore either lol I did check the silk ties but nothing I liked.
     We have been looking for a granny cart and just haven't run into one-they used to be found at garage sales all the time. Hubby needs one when he goes to those very large gun shows, and we can use one when we go to a large flea market in the fall that we like. Today we found the perfect one, the new powdered coated wire ones and it was the small width not those huge ones I kept finding on ebay. I thought it was a bit pricey but it was pretty new looking, and they are pricey on ebay so I said let's just get it. I had a little money in my account there of items I had sold so that brought the price down too. I was thrilled about that. 
     He is going on a mini vacation soon and needs this cart. Actually even though this is a "guy" trip I would love to tag along just to go to the July 4th civil war enactment in Gettysburg-I have always wanted to go to one of those. One of Larry's friends will be picking him up in his new airplane so a fun week trip ahead for both of them. I encourage hubby to go on these mini trips-otherwise he just works all the time and he'll be 70 soon-so needs some fun.
   On the way home we tried out a new sports bar for lunch-Larry had been given a gift certificate that would cover a nice lunch and a drink each-so cool-A little a/c to enjoy and really good hamburgers and french fries. and they had a gluten free drink for me which is now a favorite Angry Orchard's hard apple cider. So a nice day.

and to begin the day-I opened up my email and learned I won a stack of cotton fat quarters for quilting-I am excited to win these cause the cotton was grown in the US, and then processed and made into fabric-all in the US-love that. Reading more emails-I also got notified that someone bid on a high priced item on Ebay-so perhaps I will finally start selling things-I also sold some kids soap on Ebay too this week.

Happy Wednesday to you all and stay safe if you are in the path of these storms.


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