Monday, June 9, 2014

Some of You Might Remember My Bears?

A couple years ago, perhaps more-lol, I was really enjoying needle felting-not to make objects but to highlight appliques, and to make fiber art pictures. (just noticed in the corner I signed this piece in 2011)

Back then I had decided this was pretty much finished-but now I have decided it looks un finshed-so I am needle felting on more silk noil and wool roving around all the unfinished edges, I think it will look better after that is done. 
   All the fabrics are my own hand dyed pieces. I really love this pattern-I adapted it from a quilt pattern by Mckenna Ryan. 
   I still can't hand sew but I found something else I can do-(smiles) If you search for needle felting here or apples and a bear-more on my needle felting projects.

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