Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sir John, Izzy and Family Swimming in the Ponds

The guys have been seeing goose "poop" near the ponds and driveway the last few days, so this had us hopeful that "our" geese were still nearby.

Mr L took a drive by the ponds this afternoon and discovered the family swimming around in one of our ponds. We have quite a few small to large ponds we dug in a small area for the wildlife and to raise minnows for fishing.

I grabbed the camera to get a look see. I thought they would stay in one pond and swim while I took a couple photos-but instead they would swim to the edge-walk-and into the next pond-and they are fast swimmers too lol They were in all of the ponds
    I 4x's the photos cause I wanted to stay at a distance while taking photos, but that seems to distort the colors a bit. I did get a couple photos that turned out Click to enlarge for better viewing.

The babies have grown quite a bit since they were a day old when we last saw them.

Makes me happy happy

We were ready for a big big storm that was suppose to hit us before noon today. We did get a bit cooler, and got a nice gardeners rain for several hours-so we were spared the huge hail and 70 mile an hour winds-thank you Mother Nature.


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