Friday, June 13, 2014

Photos of the Full Moon on Friday the 13th

 Friend Keith had mentioned that this event will not occur again til 2049 so I just had to go outdoors and view the moon here in my Ozarks woods.

 The position the moon is in right now-around 10pm is between lots of trees-oaks-a hickory-and a sweet gum. When I found the perfect clear view it was gorgeous, breathtaking actually, and very very bright against the very very dark sky and surroundings.
   I tried to capture photos with my little digital camera, and the brightness of the moon I think kept giving me two and three moons-lol. 
    I did end up getting one fairly good photo-just not clear. Then I decided to take a photo with the moon behind the tree limbs to dull the brightness a bit-click to enlarge the photos
   While taking the photos I was seranaded with all the pond critters and whipporwills in the distance


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