Friday, June 13, 2014

Photos of the Full Moon on Friday the 13th

 Friend Keith had mentioned that this event will not occur again til 2049 so I just had to go outdoors and view the moon here in my Ozarks woods.

 The position the moon is in right now-around 10pm is between lots of trees-oaks-a hickory-and a sweet gum. When I found the perfect clear view it was gorgeous, breathtaking actually, and very very bright against the very very dark sky and surroundings.
   I tried to capture photos with my little digital camera, and the brightness of the moon I think kept giving me two and three moons-lol. 
    I did end up getting one fairly good photo-just not clear. Then I decided to take a photo with the moon behind the tree limbs to dull the brightness a bit-click to enlarge the photos
   While taking the photos I was seranaded with all the pond critters and whipporwills in the distance


  1. That looks wonderful. I can never take a picture of the moon. I'm glad you captured it. :)

  2. Hello Kathy
    I've enlarged both of your photos on my screen and they are really good the second one you can see wisps of cloud floating past the face of the moon. Excuse my ignorance but what are whipperwills? Are they some sort of insect?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Nice shots of the moon, Kathy. I totally forgot about the Friday 13th Moon event. I was too busy watching games from the football (I guess you'd call it soccer) World Cup.

  4. The moon has been incredible-- I've enjoyed it as well! A few days ago our electric was out due to a storm-- we sat on our porch till almost 1 am just watching the fireflies out on their incredible show--- the simple things in life:)


  5. Very nice pics. It was a beautiful moon,

  6. This is too cool pal!!! Love your shots! And a happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  7. I especially like the one peeking out from the trees. I saw just a small sliver of the moon because it was cloudy. However, I shared a photo that someone else took on my facebook page.

  8. Very nice, we had cloud cover so I did not get to see it here.

  9. I'm with Taciana, never get a good moon shot. Thanks!


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