Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Week to Sign Up for my Giveaway and the Weekend is Almost Here

If you haven't already go here to sign up for my giveaway of lavender spa bars with pink himalayan salts. I will choose two winners, and sorry this giveaway is for usa mail addresses only this time.

It has been so humid here that I had no choice but to turn the a/c down in temps so things wouldn't rust or get yucky on us. I was trying to keep it set at 78 to 80 degrees but it has just been too humid and hot. It took two days to cool the house down and get rid of all the moisture so now I am cold lol

We have hubby all packed and ready for his "work" vacation. His ride flies into the airport nearby, we'll all go out to lunch and then the guys will be off. This is a much needed break for hubby so I am hoping he takes time to enjoy every minute of it.

I have loads of catch up shopping to do so will do that after lunch, and then I only need to go up to the post office every day-which is our little post office nearby here. I have lots of things I can do and accomplish just depends how my hands are working or not-since we only have one bathroom in the house, my goal is to get the walls around the tub that is now our shower too; primed and tissue papered and primed again.       Depending how that goes I may tackle the ceiling. Hubby had suggested getting some of the tinned paneling they use for roofs or cattle barns and putting that up so I don't have to texture it-but I don't think he is really up to that-so will see how that goes for me priming and then texturing-priming again and then painting-so that could be done.
     I also would love to start dyeing too, and the house needs serious cleaning-thats allot for 7 to 10 days so will just wing it and do what I feel like-I am also on a roll again with my weaving, and may take a day to figure out how to hang the four harnesses on my 45" loom. I would love love to get that loom set up. 

   Or I might just play lazy reading or playing on the computer-lol I am back on pinterest-that site quit working for me when they upgraded the site-couldn't figure it out at the time, and their service guys never replied to help me So I am thinking now that my old computer was just too old to support the new pinterest-so I am having fun pinning away again-lol you can fine me here

   Have an awesome friday and weekend ahead


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