Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Been a Strange Monday So Decided to Weave

(cool this is the first photo I have been able to upload here for some time-so this one will enlarge for you)

I was helping hubby with something this morning-and then all of a sudden the electric went out.  That usually only happens if we are having a really bad storm, so I called and they said they were fixing the problem and should have electric in a couple hours.

So living rural-that means no usage of water too. I had planned to start doing some much needed cleaning in the house-I have put it off for too long-but yeah could put that off for another day again lol

A few days ago when I worked outdoors almost the entire day, weeding, and clipping etc, for the first time it really messed up my hands-wrists and fingers both stiff and swollen. This is the third day now since it happened and still can not do any hand sewing-as my fingers won't bend-bummer!  So, since I dare not do anymore gardening til this is back to normal-I decided-I bet I could weave.

and I can!!  So today I was getting in the groove of the pattern and the "beat" of weaving again. I am really loving this piece more and more. Since the width is 27 1/2" wide I brought out my stretcher to help keep the width more even as I weave. I don't use this unless I am using the full width of my loom. I use a stick for a shuttle, always have, so I have never gotton in the groove of using a thrown shuttle-but I don't have all that much trouble usually with me edges-and besides it's handwoven-

If any of you are experiencing the arthritis in your hands and fingers do you have a natural or herbal remedy that works-thanks.


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