Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Have My First Dye Sample for my Handmade Journal

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Do to the weather the guys flight plans got rearranged so they couldn't fly off to Tennessee on Friday so instead they scrapped their plans there and meeting up with hubby's cousin and we bummed around here. We got a break in the weather yesterday morning early so the guys flew off to Pennsylvania for a few days. The guys flew off safe and sound, was cool for me to watch them take off.
    This is a real treat for Larry as he used to be a pilot and hadn't flown in a small plane for many years now- he will really be enjoying this trip as they fly around to a few places.

Sooo yesterday afternoon I decided to do a little dye project. I had two wool pieces left over from last year that had already gone through the mordant process with alum. I had read in one of my newer dye books to use mint leaves to make a dye bath and then the next morning add the iron solution to come up with a dark-grey green or khaki type green. The pieces of wool that I had were not white but a soft beige so I thought what the heck let's give it a go.

I am needing different natural colors with wool to use for appliques on that 1830's quilt I would like to make, so this might work out nice for that.
    Wasn't real sure how this would turn out since I was not starting out with white but in the end I like the results for what I will use it for, and my colors look like the pictures in the book so I did good.

The small piece on the left I cut off to show the color after soaking in the mint dye bath over night. I had a big jar of iron solution I had made a few years ago with rusty objects and vinegar and water-so I dug that out. Was not clear on how much of this to use-so I just added about a cup to the dye bath, I think I will make a note to start out with just a 1/2 cup next time as this was a really potent solution.
      The recipe said to add the cloth for 20 minutes or more-I just added one piece and left it in the 20 minutes-rinsed and rinsed-and ended up with the darkest piece to the far right.

The other piece I decided to just dunk into the dye bath for a few minutes-to get a softer shade.

I think I did get a green in the end-lol that darkest one is a more grey-blue with a hint of green. (the photos will enlarge) So, I am pleased with this first project. 

I need to spend a whole day just mordanting fibers with alum so I will be ready to dye. I got my alpaca fibers in yesterday-those need to be washed and dried-I was able to purchase them half off the normal per ounce price by buying them not cleaned-I love the feel of alpaca-so soft.

Well, I am off to see if we got enough rain last night so I don't have to water my plants in tubs. I didn't think we got much but looking out the window we may have.

Have an awesome Sunday


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