Thursday, June 19, 2014

I can Visualize Now Why the Cotton Gin was So Helpful

The other day when I was working in my craft room to see what I have in wools-I ran into one of my first natual hand dyed yarns. I had used a fine wool with texture and dyed it with marigold flowers-I didn't strain out the flowers at the time-well you can imagine that through the dye process all those marigold flower petals and seeds were stuck in the yarn-so when it dried I just stuck in a sack lol Looked like an overwhelming amount of time and work to clean.
   So it took me two days but I got that yarn all clean and rolled into a ball-turned out a pale yellow after all the rinsing at the time I dyed it. I will combine it someday with other natural dyed yarns and weave something with it.

  I also ran into my own homegrown heirloom green cotton, I found it here  after reading their article I had to grow some. This was several years ago. It ended up being put away into a sack cause to get the cotton out of the balls you either have to spin it off the seeds or pull it off the seeds-and I was surprised that there are many seeds in each ball-how time consuming is this? Very LOL
    In the photo-to the left is the cotton before-and to the right after I got it off the seeds-and in the back the seeds. This is what I accomplished yesterday, and today the cleaned cotton is double that size but the pile on the left looks the same-ha ha.   This cotton is sooooo soft, not sure yet what I want to do with it yet-perhaps needle felt it into one of my pictures. It is also fun to see how much this cotton fluffs up after getting it out of the seed balls.
    This cotton should have more of a green color to it-but I remembered at the time when it split open-I didn't realize it so the sun bleached allot of the color out. Need to pick the cotton right when it splits open and the cotton is exposed.

   Next year I may just plant some more of these seeds for the fun of it.

Tomorrow my neighbor friend and I are going to blow a day and have some fun-there is a quilt show in Stover, Mo that we haven't been to before and my friend knows about several resale shops up in that area-I am in need of more silk blouses to dye.

Happy Friday and Weekend everyone. Oh and I just bought some seconds of alpaca wool from my friend at Cashmere Bunny on Etsy-white so I can dye it--more fun coming in the mail.


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