Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am Destashing on Ebay

I thought I would share a link for my items on ebay-click here  I am working on listing allot of garment sewing patterns to find new homes. The patterns were from my Mom's sewing room. I would appreciate it if you know someone that may be interested to pass along the link-thanks.

I also posted a large lot of craftaid templates for leather belts and billfolds.

I have started listing my soaps and other etsy items to see if I can find interested buyers on Ebay.

 and I have been pretty down in the dumps lately-but to lift my spirits-yesterday I checked my email-and I had sold both of my silk on silk hand dyed silk blouses to one customer. I was just elated over this-more so than my soap, cause I love hand dyeing these eco clothing "art" pieces so much-now I can justify finding more silk blouses at the resale shops and dyeing more of them-fun ahead! lol

It's a lazy sunday here-hubby is working-as always, and I am working too-and its getting pretty steamy outdoors too. Need to get the a/c working soon.



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