Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Fun I ordered Big Bags of Wool Rovingwith an Afternoon Update

The past few days I have been on the hunt for white wool that I can dye and then use for my needle felting, try out wet felting, and perhaps this summer finally learn to spin. Our friend Mr L has told me he can teach me.

I checked on Etsy and my favorite seller for wools and silk noil is Cashmere Bunny who is sending me some samples this week to choose from-she also has beautiful alpaca too. I will probably be purchasing her white alpaca or white silk noil to dye now that I just found some awesome bags of wool.

My friend here Gene referred me to Paradise Fibers, whom I was not familiar with. Perfect they have some sales going on for one pound bags and I just bought this one 

Gene had told me about their sale on Cheviot wool by the pound, but I decided on this one instead. It is also from Ashland Bay but the Corriedale Cross which sounds really soft and they said perfect for felting.

 Excellent sale price and free shipping right now. The description of the wool sounds perfect for what I want to do and the reviews were all excellent.

  I am still on the hunt for white wool cloth to dye, and so far in the last few years I have not come across white wool clothing that I can recycle-so I decided to dye wool yarns that I have on hand along with this roving I just purchased instead. I do have some soft greys from recycled clothing that I may experiment with. (if any of you have 100% wool slacks or skirts medium weight that you no longer want let me know-thanks)

  I see fun ahead with color.

This past week there has been way too  many honey bees at the hummingbird feeders-it seems someone's hive must have split off or one of the bees found our sugar water and told the hive-lol  It has gotton soooo bad that yesterday I did not fill the feeders. So this morning, no bees and no hummers either-so I brought the feeders all in for a good clean and am refilling them-hoping the hummers return (I am sure they will) and not all those honey bees.

Have an awesosme day!

Afternoon Update:
   Being that it is super hot here with high humidity and that we had to turn on the a/c on (so dislike paying for it)  I decided to see if I could "find" my craft room-For a small room it is just jammed packed with creative goodies plus all my soap making supplies. A year ago when I brought home most of my Mom's sewing room-wow that really cramped everything in there more.
   It's so tight in there that when I pull a project-well caos-lol
I mostly wanted to see if I could get me some more floor space-and I was able to do that.
     My big rug loom is in there too-45" wide weaving width that since we moved down here still has not been set up for me to weave-every year I say this is it before I can't any more. and this loom needs to get pulled out a bit from one wall too-so I can throw a shuttle on that end-lots more needs to get moved around before that can happen .
    However, I was able to tighten up some wools etc, go through more of Mom's sewing patterns-more to hopefully sell, and a box for me-been wanting a pattern to make a bathrobe and nightgown-and there were several in there. Also found a poncho and some vests that I could use my own woven fabric for-so that stuff is divided and tightened up. 
   I was looking around for some white wool-which I just don't have any more of. 
   I don't think I am ready yet to get rid of most of my creative goodies in that room-cause I may need them still-lol   I will go through more quilt fabrics though and seriously get that down, I am just not going to make that many more quilts-a few for us perhaps, but mostly am going to get serious about my weaving-I know I keep saying that-but I have all these bags of gorgeous yarns that need to be made into things.
  Back to more organizing.


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