Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Had to Share-I Just made a Bag for a Little Shopping Cart

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Hubby is going on his mini vacation in a couple weeks, and I had mentioned we found the perfect size granny cart-or shopping cart-this will be perfect for him and his friend when they walk around a huge gun show they are going to, also flea markets. Larry mostly looks for scopes that he can re sell or fix broken ones to re sell.

Since it is a wire frame it needs a liner-so decided I would make one. In my stash I had the perfect fabrics for him.

So, yesterday I found a pattern online-I am someone that needs a little pattern to get started. I found one here  I really liked the looks of it and was exactly what I needed.
     However, the instructions are incorrect for putting it together, at least it didn't work for me. When I read it, I was thinking well I have never done it that way before, but perhaps a new technique. 
    Nope I had to take it all apart. Usually for something similiar to this-I would sew all the panels together into a tube-then just sew that to the bottom piece-easing in the corners-I just keep the  needle down in the corners, lift the foot, turn, and continue sewing-works perfectly and easy-so that's what I did today-took it all apart and re did it. 
   I also would have made the ties a little longer than 12" too. and I thought of that when I was cutting it out but didn't act on it. I think 15" would be better.
   So I was thrilled when I turned the piece inside out and placed it in the cart-it fits! whoo hooo lol.  I have a couple finishing touches and then it will be complete. The cart also still folds up nicely with the liner inside.(don't look at the dirty floors please-just the cart and liner lol)



  1. What dirty floors? I just see a job well done!

    1. thanks Brenda, I haven't used the sewing machine in sometime now-so was really happy with myself that I tot this put together Larry likes it too

  2. It's hard when a pattern isn't right, but you made it work. Well done!

  3. Thanks for the visit and kind words.
    Nice to meet you and the cart liner turned out great, good work :)

  4. Great idea. I think my Nana has a similar cart. Perhaps I should make a liner for her cart when I visit.

  5. Nice!!! we have a cart similar to that for flea markets....comes in real handy :)

  6. That is perfect, Kathy! Now you watch, your hubby will be asked where he got it and you will be inundated with 'orders' for one!!
    I could actually follow what you were describing about how you put it together! I remember my mom and sister doing these things.

  7. Hi Kathy! How are you? Looks like you're keeping busy. How are things in your Etsy shop? I've been so busy keeping up with the yard work and the kids, that blogging has fallen completely by the wayside. But today we have a bit of rain, so I thought I would indulge myself a little.
    I'm sure that cart will be very much appreciated! Great work!

    1. Hello Andrea, so glad you stopped by for a visit. we have had so much rain here that I think I can finally get outdoors again and begin weeding. Have you made anything with the fabric you won?


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