Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Fun Day

It was a fun day-out and about-and out of the woods yesterday.  A very very hot day but it was all good.

My neighbor friend and I hadn't done anything together in quite awhile, so when I called her about the quilt show and checking out resale shops she was all for it too.

The quilt show was really nice, it was put together by a quilt guild in that area and we really enjoyed it. There were several vintage quilts too along with a patriotic exhibit. I also hadn't seen so many hand embroidered blocks made into lovely quilts-so enjoyed seeding those, also a lovely tarpunto quilt was on display too. Stover, Mo. is quite a drive from where we live, but on the drive back home we check out lots of resale shops.

My main hunt was for more silk blouses and I only found one. My friend had found a really nice men's long sleeved silk shirt but on closer look it had several stains and also a pulled thread.
     I hadn't thought of silks being easier to find during the cooler  months. One of my artsy friends had suggested why not dye some cotton shirts, so I looked for fun 100% cotton and came away with four and one for me. I ran into a really comfy looking 100% organic long sleeve very soft t shirt type garment that was also long-so will be great with jeans or even as a night shirt. I bought each of the garments for around $2.00 each-so good deals.

One shop we go to has a dedicated book room and this time they had lots of fiber arts books so we each got a stack of those to bring home. Another fun item I found was a cookie stamp-the kind I collect, and along with those someone had made about 6 cookie stamps so picked up all of those along with a quilted jacket pattern. My other good find was a very very large wooden hoop that I can use for my rug hooking, and at half price it was only $2.00-can't beat that either.  Adding everything up I spent around $20.00 which included $5.00 for lunch-it was so hot-in the 90s with a high heat index so I decided on a chefs salad instead of burger and fries.

When I got home surprises in the mail too-my wool came-and I Love it, so I am very happy with my purchase, and from Canada my needle felting needles arrived too-so I can now get back to my bear picture and get that finished up.

Woke up early this morning, and couldn't get back to sleep-so I went back to work on my home grown cotton and finished that project-yeah! It fluffed up into a nice amount of soft cotton.

Another hot and humid day again in store for us-so I think I will be working on my ebay items to list, and also list some items in my etsy fibers shop.

Happy Weekend to all of you.


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