Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Have My First Dye Sample for my Handmade Journal

Good morning Sunday-don't forget to sign up for my giveaway here the drawing will be sometime next weekend

Do to the weather the guys flight plans got rearranged so they couldn't fly off to Tennessee on Friday so instead they scrapped their plans there and meeting up with hubby's cousin and we bummed around here. We got a break in the weather yesterday morning early so the guys flew off to Pennsylvania for a few days. The guys flew off safe and sound, was cool for me to watch them take off.
    This is a real treat for Larry as he used to be a pilot and hadn't flown in a small plane for many years now- he will really be enjoying this trip as they fly around to a few places.

Sooo yesterday afternoon I decided to do a little dye project. I had two wool pieces left over from last year that had already gone through the mordant process with alum. I had read in one of my newer dye books to use mint leaves to make a dye bath and then the next morning add the iron solution to come up with a dark-grey green or khaki type green. The pieces of wool that I had were not white but a soft beige so I thought what the heck let's give it a go.

I am needing different natural colors with wool to use for appliques on that 1830's quilt I would like to make, so this might work out nice for that.
    Wasn't real sure how this would turn out since I was not starting out with white but in the end I like the results for what I will use it for, and my colors look like the pictures in the book so I did good.

The small piece on the left I cut off to show the color after soaking in the mint dye bath over night. I had a big jar of iron solution I had made a few years ago with rusty objects and vinegar and water-so I dug that out. Was not clear on how much of this to use-so I just added about a cup to the dye bath, I think I will make a note to start out with just a 1/2 cup next time as this was a really potent solution.
      The recipe said to add the cloth for 20 minutes or more-I just added one piece and left it in the 20 minutes-rinsed and rinsed-and ended up with the darkest piece to the far right.

The other piece I decided to just dunk into the dye bath for a few minutes-to get a softer shade.

I think I did get a green in the end-lol that darkest one is a more grey-blue with a hint of green. (the photos will enlarge) So, I am pleased with this first project. 

I need to spend a whole day just mordanting fibers with alum so I will be ready to dye. I got my alpaca fibers in yesterday-those need to be washed and dried-I was able to purchase them half off the normal per ounce price by buying them not cleaned-I love the feel of alpaca-so soft.

Well, I am off to see if we got enough rain last night so I don't have to water my plants in tubs. I didn't think we got much but looking out the window we may have.

Have an awesome Sunday

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Week to Sign Up for my Giveaway and the Weekend is Almost Here

If you haven't already go here to sign up for my giveaway of lavender spa bars with pink himalayan salts. I will choose two winners, and sorry this giveaway is for usa mail addresses only this time.

It has been so humid here that I had no choice but to turn the a/c down in temps so things wouldn't rust or get yucky on us. I was trying to keep it set at 78 to 80 degrees but it has just been too humid and hot. It took two days to cool the house down and get rid of all the moisture so now I am cold lol

We have hubby all packed and ready for his "work" vacation. His ride flies into the airport nearby, we'll all go out to lunch and then the guys will be off. This is a much needed break for hubby so I am hoping he takes time to enjoy every minute of it.

I have loads of catch up shopping to do so will do that after lunch, and then I only need to go up to the post office every day-which is our little post office nearby here. I have lots of things I can do and accomplish just depends how my hands are working or not-since we only have one bathroom in the house, my goal is to get the walls around the tub that is now our shower too; primed and tissue papered and primed again.       Depending how that goes I may tackle the ceiling. Hubby had suggested getting some of the tinned paneling they use for roofs or cattle barns and putting that up so I don't have to texture it-but I don't think he is really up to that-so will see how that goes for me priming and then texturing-priming again and then painting-so that could be done.
     I also would love to start dyeing too, and the house needs serious cleaning-thats allot for 7 to 10 days so will just wing it and do what I feel like-I am also on a roll again with my weaving, and may take a day to figure out how to hang the four harnesses on my 45" loom. I would love love to get that loom set up. 

   Or I might just play lazy reading or playing on the computer-lol I am back on pinterest-that site quit working for me when they upgraded the site-couldn't figure it out at the time, and their service guys never replied to help me So I am thinking now that my old computer was just too old to support the new pinterest-so I am having fun pinning away again-lol you can fine me here

   Have an awesome friday and weekend ahead

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Fun Day

It was a fun day-out and about-and out of the woods yesterday.  A very very hot day but it was all good.

My neighbor friend and I hadn't done anything together in quite awhile, so when I called her about the quilt show and checking out resale shops she was all for it too.

The quilt show was really nice, it was put together by a quilt guild in that area and we really enjoyed it. There were several vintage quilts too along with a patriotic exhibit. I also hadn't seen so many hand embroidered blocks made into lovely quilts-so enjoyed seeding those, also a lovely tarpunto quilt was on display too. Stover, Mo. is quite a drive from where we live, but on the drive back home we check out lots of resale shops.

My main hunt was for more silk blouses and I only found one. My friend had found a really nice men's long sleeved silk shirt but on closer look it had several stains and also a pulled thread.
     I hadn't thought of silks being easier to find during the cooler  months. One of my artsy friends had suggested why not dye some cotton shirts, so I looked for fun 100% cotton and came away with four and one for me. I ran into a really comfy looking 100% organic long sleeve very soft t shirt type garment that was also long-so will be great with jeans or even as a night shirt. I bought each of the garments for around $2.00 each-so good deals.

One shop we go to has a dedicated book room and this time they had lots of fiber arts books so we each got a stack of those to bring home. Another fun item I found was a cookie stamp-the kind I collect, and along with those someone had made about 6 cookie stamps so picked up all of those along with a quilted jacket pattern. My other good find was a very very large wooden hoop that I can use for my rug hooking, and at half price it was only $2.00-can't beat that either.  Adding everything up I spent around $20.00 which included $5.00 for lunch-it was so hot-in the 90s with a high heat index so I decided on a chefs salad instead of burger and fries.

When I got home surprises in the mail too-my wool came-and I Love it, so I am very happy with my purchase, and from Canada my needle felting needles arrived too-so I can now get back to my bear picture and get that finished up.

Woke up early this morning, and couldn't get back to sleep-so I went back to work on my home grown cotton and finished that project-yeah! It fluffed up into a nice amount of soft cotton.

Another hot and humid day again in store for us-so I think I will be working on my ebay items to list, and also list some items in my etsy fibers shop.

Happy Weekend to all of you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I took a Little Walk This Morning Early

When Larry comes back from the post office around 10 am he has been seeing "our" geese hanging out around my little garden They definately do not want to be around people now-so if we get close or look at them too much they take off.

So I spotted them in the same area and around one of the back ponds-I had to zoom in so as not to excite them so the photos are not that great-but all three gosslings are growing bigger

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I can Visualize Now Why the Cotton Gin was So Helpful

The other day when I was working in my craft room to see what I have in wools-I ran into one of my first natual hand dyed yarns. I had used a fine wool with texture and dyed it with marigold flowers-I didn't strain out the flowers at the time-well you can imagine that through the dye process all those marigold flower petals and seeds were stuck in the yarn-so when it dried I just stuck in a sack lol Looked like an overwhelming amount of time and work to clean.
   So it took me two days but I got that yarn all clean and rolled into a ball-turned out a pale yellow after all the rinsing at the time I dyed it. I will combine it someday with other natural dyed yarns and weave something with it.

  I also ran into my own homegrown heirloom green cotton, I found it here  after reading their article I had to grow some. This was several years ago. It ended up being put away into a sack cause to get the cotton out of the balls you either have to spin it off the seeds or pull it off the seeds-and I was surprised that there are many seeds in each ball-how time consuming is this? Very LOL
    In the photo-to the left is the cotton before-and to the right after I got it off the seeds-and in the back the seeds. This is what I accomplished yesterday, and today the cleaned cotton is double that size but the pile on the left looks the same-ha ha.   This cotton is sooooo soft, not sure yet what I want to do with it yet-perhaps needle felt it into one of my pictures. It is also fun to see how much this cotton fluffs up after getting it out of the seed balls.
    This cotton should have more of a green color to it-but I remembered at the time when it split open-I didn't realize it so the sun bleached allot of the color out. Need to pick the cotton right when it splits open and the cotton is exposed.

   Next year I may just plant some more of these seeds for the fun of it.

Tomorrow my neighbor friend and I are going to blow a day and have some fun-there is a quilt show in Stover, Mo that we haven't been to before and my friend knows about several resale shops up in that area-I am in need of more silk blouses to dye.

Happy Friday and Weekend everyone. Oh and I just bought some seconds of alpaca wool from my friend at Cashmere Bunny on Etsy-white so I can dye it--more fun coming in the mail.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Fun I ordered Big Bags of Wool Rovingwith an Afternoon Update

The past few days I have been on the hunt for white wool that I can dye and then use for my needle felting, try out wet felting, and perhaps this summer finally learn to spin. Our friend Mr L has told me he can teach me.

I checked on Etsy and my favorite seller for wools and silk noil is Cashmere Bunny who is sending me some samples this week to choose from-she also has beautiful alpaca too. I will probably be purchasing her white alpaca or white silk noil to dye now that I just found some awesome bags of wool.

My friend here Gene referred me to Paradise Fibers, whom I was not familiar with. Perfect they have some sales going on for one pound bags and I just bought this one 

Gene had told me about their sale on Cheviot wool by the pound, but I decided on this one instead. It is also from Ashland Bay but the Corriedale Cross which sounds really soft and they said perfect for felting.

 Excellent sale price and free shipping right now. The description of the wool sounds perfect for what I want to do and the reviews were all excellent.

  I am still on the hunt for white wool cloth to dye, and so far in the last few years I have not come across white wool clothing that I can recycle-so I decided to dye wool yarns that I have on hand along with this roving I just purchased instead. I do have some soft greys from recycled clothing that I may experiment with. (if any of you have 100% wool slacks or skirts medium weight that you no longer want let me know-thanks)

  I see fun ahead with color.

This past week there has been way too  many honey bees at the hummingbird feeders-it seems someone's hive must have split off or one of the bees found our sugar water and told the hive-lol  It has gotton soooo bad that yesterday I did not fill the feeders. So this morning, no bees and no hummers either-so I brought the feeders all in for a good clean and am refilling them-hoping the hummers return (I am sure they will) and not all those honey bees.

Have an awesosme day!

Afternoon Update:
   Being that it is super hot here with high humidity and that we had to turn on the a/c on (so dislike paying for it)  I decided to see if I could "find" my craft room-For a small room it is just jammed packed with creative goodies plus all my soap making supplies. A year ago when I brought home most of my Mom's sewing room-wow that really cramped everything in there more.
   It's so tight in there that when I pull a project-well caos-lol
I mostly wanted to see if I could get me some more floor space-and I was able to do that.
     My big rug loom is in there too-45" wide weaving width that since we moved down here still has not been set up for me to weave-every year I say this is it before I can't any more. and this loom needs to get pulled out a bit from one wall too-so I can throw a shuttle on that end-lots more needs to get moved around before that can happen .
    However, I was able to tighten up some wools etc, go through more of Mom's sewing patterns-more to hopefully sell, and a box for me-been wanting a pattern to make a bathrobe and nightgown-and there were several in there. Also found a poncho and some vests that I could use my own woven fabric for-so that stuff is divided and tightened up. 
   I was looking around for some white wool-which I just don't have any more of. 
   I don't think I am ready yet to get rid of most of my creative goodies in that room-cause I may need them still-lol   I will go through more quilt fabrics though and seriously get that down, I am just not going to make that many more quilts-a few for us perhaps, but mostly am going to get serious about my weaving-I know I keep saying that-but I have all these bags of gorgeous yarns that need to be made into things.
  Back to more organizing.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Monday Don't Forget my Giveaway and Update on my Arthritis in Hands

Shipping Included  Lavender Spa Bars with Pink Himalayan Salt for Pampering in the Bath

Information Here for Giveaway   I will be drawing around the 4th of July weekend (this one is for a usa mail address only) Please sign up on the giveaway post, I will draw two winners for these new Lavender spa bars with himalayan salt.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, especially with fathers or remembering fathers. I made up lots of picnic foods and Mr L smoked a venison ham that I had in the freezer. He brought over the meat and I gave him sides to take home for his family so was nice.

I think we are headed for a hot week-up in the 90s with humidity-we have been spoiled with cooler than normal temps along with lots of rain-the rain is always a blessing here as we never seem to get enough for the gardens. It has rained so much here in the last month especially that I am surprised that they say we are still in drought conditions but no longer a severe drought. It has been nice that I haven't needed to hand water too much lately. 

My main goal this summer was to grow enough nice tomatoes for canning-so far so good with the plants. I am still drying herbs-they are abundant this year do to all the rain, especially my mints. I was able to harvest lavender too in between the rains. My salad greens are just about over so will be pulling most of those out this week.

I had mentioned previously about over doing it and having major problems with my hands-especially my right hand. Hubby reminded me that I had been diagnosed when I was still working 10 years ago with pretty bad carpal tunnel-so I think that has flared up too. After doing allot of reading online for herb choices I settled on Dr Oz's article and his choice of herbs: 
  • Boswellia (also known as Frankincense). In one study, this decreased arthritis pain by over 80% and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Use 900-1,000 mg a day.
  • Willow bark. This is the original natural source for aspirin. Because it combines many natural compounds, it is more effective and has been shown to not cause the stomach bleeding caused by arthritis medications. In head on studies, it was twice as effective as Motrin, and as effective as Vioxx.
  • Cherry. Though not as well researched as the other treatments discussed here, it does have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Eating a dozen cherries daily can be very helpful.

I have been on this for about two weeks now (I found the cherry in pill form) and I can tell a slight improvement-and I know herbs take longer to work. The willow bark I already had on hand and is the only product I use when I need an aspirin.  
     Over the weekend I was able to hand sew in 4 pages in my handmade journal-did 2 pages a day. Each page takes me about 2 hours to sew in. So am thrilled about that. 
    Also a few days ago I ended up making 5 pies-I wanted all the apples to get used up-so Mr L helped me peel all those apples-and the next morning my hands did not have a set back.
   I had made gluten free pies for me and gave a couple away.
   However when I went to pull weeds yesterday I still was in pain doing that with my right hand-so I didn't over do it and mostly used my left hand--so I will re evaluate once I have been on these herbs for a couple months.

      I am waiting for my needles to arrive so I can get back to needle felting my bears. I am also searching on etsys for white wool roving to hand dye-Once I get set up-plan on doing lots of natural dyeing this summer. I need to go back in the woods and harvest more bloodroot as I don't think I will have enough.

     I am looking for things to sell on ebay-need to seriously down size, I did find homes for 6 stretch and sew patterns so that's 6 less patterns-lol

Have an awesome week!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Photos of the Full Moon on Friday the 13th

 Friend Keith had mentioned that this event will not occur again til 2049 so I just had to go outdoors and view the moon here in my Ozarks woods.

 The position the moon is in right now-around 10pm is between lots of trees-oaks-a hickory-and a sweet gum. When I found the perfect clear view it was gorgeous, breathtaking actually, and very very bright against the very very dark sky and surroundings.
   I tried to capture photos with my little digital camera, and the brightness of the moon I think kept giving me two and three moons-lol. 
    I did end up getting one fairly good photo-just not clear. Then I decided to take a photo with the moon behind the tree limbs to dull the brightness a bit-click to enlarge the photos
   While taking the photos I was seranaded with all the pond critters and whipporwills in the distance

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Had to Share-I Just made a Bag for a Little Shopping Cart

Before I forget-Please sign up for my giveaway for Lavender Spa Soap with Pink Himalayan Salts here

Hubby is going on his mini vacation in a couple weeks, and I had mentioned we found the perfect size granny cart-or shopping cart-this will be perfect for him and his friend when they walk around a huge gun show they are going to, also flea markets. Larry mostly looks for scopes that he can re sell or fix broken ones to re sell.

Since it is a wire frame it needs a liner-so decided I would make one. In my stash I had the perfect fabrics for him.

So, yesterday I found a pattern online-I am someone that needs a little pattern to get started. I found one here  I really liked the looks of it and was exactly what I needed.
     However, the instructions are incorrect for putting it together, at least it didn't work for me. When I read it, I was thinking well I have never done it that way before, but perhaps a new technique. 
    Nope I had to take it all apart. Usually for something similiar to this-I would sew all the panels together into a tube-then just sew that to the bottom piece-easing in the corners-I just keep the  needle down in the corners, lift the foot, turn, and continue sewing-works perfectly and easy-so that's what I did today-took it all apart and re did it. 
   I also would have made the ties a little longer than 12" too. and I thought of that when I was cutting it out but didn't act on it. I think 15" would be better.
   So I was thrilled when I turned the piece inside out and placed it in the cart-it fits! whoo hooo lol.  I have a couple finishing touches and then it will be complete. The cart also still folds up nicely with the liner inside.(don't look at the dirty floors please-just the cart and liner lol)


Monday, June 9, 2014

Some of You Might Remember My Bears?

A couple years ago, perhaps more-lol, I was really enjoying needle felting-not to make objects but to highlight appliques, and to make fiber art pictures. (just noticed in the corner I signed this piece in 2011)

Back then I had decided this was pretty much finished-but now I have decided it looks un finshed-so I am needle felting on more silk noil and wool roving around all the unfinished edges, I think it will look better after that is done. 
   All the fabrics are my own hand dyed pieces. I really love this pattern-I adapted it from a quilt pattern by Mckenna Ryan. 
   I still can't hand sew but I found something else I can do-(smiles) If you search for needle felting here or apples and a bear-more on my needle felting projects.

don't forget my giveaway-previous post

What I have Been Doing and a Giveaway

  Mostly what I have been doing over the weekend is making soap. I have been wanting to make lavender spa soap bars that included salts.

  My first tries were failures as I wanted to use dead sea salts but they dissolve the soap-so I had several bars of soap to use up for me-lol not all bad cause I love lavender. I have read online where several are using the dead sea salts, and did read where one post said it will dissolve the soap-so then why use it I say. There must be a trick to it that I have not learned yet.

  So I know that the pink himalayan salt works perfectly but I wanted to try another salt-I had the coarse European Spa Salts-and they worked perfectly too. So I made lovely bars of lavender with salts in three different soap mold shapes. Very pleased with this product. I also added soap glitter to the soap for a little sparkle-these are really nice.

Shipping Included  Lavender Spa Bars with Pink Himalayan Salt for Pampering in the Bath

I made a large box of these bars for a client that sells monthly boxes-these were for the theme of a pamper box. I thought I would try it-no money involved for me unless I pick up a sale if they like the soap and visit my shop for more. Samples of advertising. Figured it might be a good way to get some more reviews on my soap etc.

Soooo I have two extra bars from the middle photo and decided to do another giveaway.

Rules: (I really don't like rules lol)

1. USA mail to address only this time
2. Like my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Facebook
3. Share this post on Facebook
4. Leave a comment here
5. Go to my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy and favorite my       shop
6. Go to my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy and favorite my lavender spa soaps-there are two listings.
7. come back here and tell me what you did so I won't miss not putting in the chances for you.
8. oh and if you read me or follow me here that counts too-lol

I will draw two names around the July 4th Holiday

Good Luck! and what have you all been doing??

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sir John, Izzy and Family Swimming in the Ponds

The guys have been seeing goose "poop" near the ponds and driveway the last few days, so this had us hopeful that "our" geese were still nearby.

Mr L took a drive by the ponds this afternoon and discovered the family swimming around in one of our ponds. We have quite a few small to large ponds we dug in a small area for the wildlife and to raise minnows for fishing.

I grabbed the camera to get a look see. I thought they would stay in one pond and swim while I took a couple photos-but instead they would swim to the edge-walk-and into the next pond-and they are fast swimmers too lol They were in all of the ponds
    I 4x's the photos cause I wanted to stay at a distance while taking photos, but that seems to distort the colors a bit. I did get a couple photos that turned out Click to enlarge for better viewing.

The babies have grown quite a bit since they were a day old when we last saw them.

Makes me happy happy

We were ready for a big big storm that was suppose to hit us before noon today. We did get a bit cooler, and got a nice gardeners rain for several hours-so we were spared the huge hail and 70 mile an hour winds-thank you Mother Nature.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Supper Muggy and Our Day Today

  We have been in a cycle of a little rain every day, staying in the 80s for the most part, but now the air is soooo thick and heavy. I guess we are to be part of those big storms coming through-and hopefully that will rid of us of the humidity. Hope so. Our a/c broke so getting pretty uncomfortable now in the house..

  Tomorrow is our 32nd wedding anniversary so since Larry just works too much I suggested he choose a day this week and take me to the resale shops. We haven't done that together in some time. 
    So today we went. I was only looking for more silk blouses to dye and then sell-and not a silk garment in sight today. I am destashing so I purposely did not check on the crafts for sale-although I probably should have checked for more white skeins of wool that I pick up sometimes-to dye. So I was good and did not browse too much-I really don't need that much any more-and no place to put it anymore either lol I did check the silk ties but nothing I liked.
     We have been looking for a granny cart and just haven't run into one-they used to be found at garage sales all the time. Hubby needs one when he goes to those very large gun shows, and we can use one when we go to a large flea market in the fall that we like. Today we found the perfect one, the new powdered coated wire ones and it was the small width not those huge ones I kept finding on ebay. I thought it was a bit pricey but it was pretty new looking, and they are pricey on ebay so I said let's just get it. I had a little money in my account there of items I had sold so that brought the price down too. I was thrilled about that. 
     He is going on a mini vacation soon and needs this cart. Actually even though this is a "guy" trip I would love to tag along just to go to the July 4th civil war enactment in Gettysburg-I have always wanted to go to one of those. One of Larry's friends will be picking him up in his new airplane so a fun week trip ahead for both of them. I encourage hubby to go on these mini trips-otherwise he just works all the time and he'll be 70 soon-so needs some fun.
   On the way home we tried out a new sports bar for lunch-Larry had been given a gift certificate that would cover a nice lunch and a drink each-so cool-A little a/c to enjoy and really good hamburgers and french fries. and they had a gluten free drink for me which is now a favorite Angry Orchard's hard apple cider. So a nice day.

and to begin the day-I opened up my email and learned I won a stack of cotton fat quarters for quilting-I am excited to win these cause the cotton was grown in the US, and then processed and made into fabric-all in the US-love that. Reading more emails-I also got notified that someone bid on a high priced item on Ebay-so perhaps I will finally start selling things-I also sold some kids soap on Ebay too this week.

Happy Wednesday to you all and stay safe if you are in the path of these storms.

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Been a Strange Monday So Decided to Weave

(cool this is the first photo I have been able to upload here for some time-so this one will enlarge for you)

I was helping hubby with something this morning-and then all of a sudden the electric went out.  That usually only happens if we are having a really bad storm, so I called and they said they were fixing the problem and should have electric in a couple hours.

So living rural-that means no usage of water too. I had planned to start doing some much needed cleaning in the house-I have put it off for too long-but yeah could put that off for another day again lol

A few days ago when I worked outdoors almost the entire day, weeding, and clipping etc, for the first time it really messed up my hands-wrists and fingers both stiff and swollen. This is the third day now since it happened and still can not do any hand sewing-as my fingers won't bend-bummer!  So, since I dare not do anymore gardening til this is back to normal-I decided-I bet I could weave.

and I can!!  So today I was getting in the groove of the pattern and the "beat" of weaving again. I am really loving this piece more and more. Since the width is 27 1/2" wide I brought out my stretcher to help keep the width more even as I weave. I don't use this unless I am using the full width of my loom. I use a stick for a shuttle, always have, so I have never gotton in the groove of using a thrown shuttle-but I don't have all that much trouble usually with me edges-and besides it's handwoven-

If any of you are experiencing the arthritis in your hands and fingers do you have a natural or herbal remedy that works-thanks.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am Destashing on Ebay

I thought I would share a link for my items on ebay-click here  I am working on listing allot of garment sewing patterns to find new homes. The patterns were from my Mom's sewing room. I would appreciate it if you know someone that may be interested to pass along the link-thanks.

I also posted a large lot of craftaid templates for leather belts and billfolds.

I have started listing my soaps and other etsy items to see if I can find interested buyers on Ebay.

 and I have been pretty down in the dumps lately-but to lift my spirits-yesterday I checked my email-and I had sold both of my silk on silk hand dyed silk blouses to one customer. I was just elated over this-more so than my soap, cause I love hand dyeing these eco clothing "art" pieces so much-now I can justify finding more silk blouses at the resale shops and dyeing more of them-fun ahead! lol

It's a lazy sunday here-hubby is working-as always, and I am working too-and its getting pretty steamy outdoors too. Need to get the a/c working soon.



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