Saturday, May 3, 2014

Was Hoping to Post a Photo---update a photo loaded

  Thank you so much to my friend Cookie-she suggested microsoft picture manager for my photo editing, and when hubby downloaded it for me-wow-too cool-this is the program I loved and was on my old computer til it got fried from the lightening a year ago. I didn't know what I had so couldn't get back to it-lol Thank you Cookie

Sigh-double Sigh-editing my photos to smaller-allot smaller than I have posted in the past-still will not load for me here-I am not having problems on any other site-any ideas?? suggestions??

My blouse turned out beautiful-I rinsed it this morning in a vinegar-water bath, then washed in the machine with synthropol-a dyers soap that I use for chemical dyes, and now also for natural dyes-it gets all the "floating" dye washed out-so what is left is pretty dye fast. I have it drying on a hanger so will take a photo and I guess go back to posting on fb and then copy and paste to here-which is really getting to be a hassle.

I also wanted to share a photo where the the hen goose is sitting on her eggs-that was the photo I shrunk down in hopes to post here. 

Our friend Mr L brought over a wild turkey carcus with all the dark meat still attached-so that is going into a big stock pot and getting simmered down into soup broth with meat which I will can up in quart jars. His friends were down for turkey hunting and got one this morning-they kept the breast meat to take home and was going to discard the rest til Mr L rescued it-lol  I only have a couple quart jars left so this will be nice to have in the pantry-I will split what I can with our friend.

That's it for now til I figure out how to post photos here

I took Mitch's suggestion and looked at googles limits-one thing they mentioned was less blog posts per page-so I did that first-and voila-a photo loaded.  If you enlarge this photo and look in the middle of the tree down to just before the water you will see mama goose-she has her head hidded as she saw me taking her photo


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