Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thank Yous to All of You my Dear Cyber Friends

  I am happy that I went through with posting my last post. I had re read it a couple of times and thought geez what a pity trip-but decided to post cause I do cherish the insight and input from you my friends, and this "journal" of blogging was started to share my daily thoughts and my crafts and doings here in our retirement years. I started on yahoo 360 must have been in 2007 or 2008. I don't have a close friend that I can bounce off my emotions with any more-so that was another reason I stayed with blogging-

  I feel better too knowing that I am not alone thinking about all this stuff. Most of us are still going through trying times financially, and I needed a kick in the you know what to really be thankful for what I have. The couple friends we do have here are real friends, that I think I can count on if I really need something. That is always a blessing.

 Both hubby and I have always been collectors of just too much stuff. Both with our interests and just because we so enjoyed the times since we've been married in '82 of collecting crocks, cast iron pieces, and on and on it goes. I do use most of my vintage kitchen items too.  Seeing all the things in hubby's shop made me realize I just didn't really know what all he had and how much knowledge he has acquired in so many areas.
     I got a magazine in the other day I think it was Country Living-and there was a post in there about don't worry about collecting what you love-just go for it-you will always find a place for it. I was so glad to read this,most articles recently are about decluttering and getting rid of stuff, and  cause we do enjoy our things, we are country people not city people so I think country folks tend to just collect more items too. So I am not going to worry about that any more either-getting rid of things, worrying about finding someone that will love our things and use them, need to live more in the present--each day.
   I think we have all been told to stop and smell the roses, enjoy each and every day as if it were your last-and when I was younger working long hours every day we just never had the time to do that-have fun-we always waited for our retirement years. So, long lesson learned-finally-and it's about time for me-to just do this!

So thanks again to all of you my friends, I can always count on you to be there for me and to be honest.

The last three mornings, we have been out in hubby's shop-we are going to be making my kitchen cabinets with Mr L's help. I am thinking Mr L will be doing much of the work with hubby's guidance as to what he envisioned my cabinets to be. and I told him I will help-just tell me what I can do. It's been so many years now that I forgot about all the woods we have collected-mostly purchased from an amish saw mill-cherry, oaks, walnut, and more-its all so beautiful.
     So I have been sweeping and sweeping and more sweeping. Mostly rat poop everywhere-don't know how they get in there with the doors closed but they do-and we have always had a pack rat in there too-and he collects everything-Larry has his shop sectioned off for metal working, and one for wood working, one for mechanical work, and some storage-so every year he has to sort out what Mr Pack Rat has collected-lol kinda funny actually. I usually do go down and sweep once in the spring but I have missed the last couple years do to the hot spring temps.
     Working on his area so we can get to work-reminds me how really bad my craft room is again-there is really too much stuff in there for the space I have available. My goal was to get my big 45" rug loom set up-but it keeps getting put on the back burner-so before winter I got to get in there and see if there is anything I can destash so I can work better.
    I probably will have to give up my soap business since I am not selling anything. All the supplies I bought won't go to waste cause I will make up the soap for me-since I really love it, and then try to sell off most of my soap molds so I can get some monies back. 
      The natural salves, soaps and balms I will be making in a couple months with wild herbs I am hoping will find an interest, if not I can use those for us too and giveaways. If we had a farmers market close by I would try that for my soap-but we just don't.

  I see this post has gotten quite long so will end this with big hugs and thank yous to all of you. I am off to work a bit in the garden and see what weeds need pulling, and check on my tomatoes-I ended up loosing about half of my paste tomatoes to that cold we had a couple weeks ago-I didn't think we got the frost but I think we must have. So I replaced them with some purchased romas and our friend brought me over 6 paste tomatoes that he has no room for. 
   and no sign at all of Sir John, Izzy and the goslings-I just think it is so strange that they all left the day after the hatch-hoping still they will show up one day.


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