Monday, May 19, 2014

Photos-Close Ups of Hummingbirds and the Hunt for Goldenseal in my Woods

   My friend Mr L went with me in my woods here to hunt for the herb goldenseal-I was so excited about this. I have read about herbs for a long time and have wanted to use them and make things with them, but on those I am not sure of-I feel more confident if someone that really knows shows me in the wild where they are growing, kinda like with the hunt for edible mushrooms.
    I was just thrilled, and I am learning from a master herbalist. He is in his 70s now, so I am really grabbing every moment I can to learn what I have here.
     Don't you just feel good when you finally jump in and do something that you have always wanted to??

I will be drying the roots and then pulverize and use in salves, and soaps, I will also use some of the roots for dye.
    I will dry some of the leaves and put those in olive oil for a month and use in salves, lotions, and also soaps. The bulk of the leaves and stems I have in a large jar with vodka to make a tincture that can be used in salves etc. and as medicine.


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