Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Art Journal and Sir John and Izzy with Youngsters Have Left

Happy Sunday,
    This past week I have started back on my handmade journal. I had taken a break to finish up that memory quilt and then later to work on the veggie garden.
   We have had a few rainy days so good time to get back to this-as I really want to complete it.
   I have had my photobucket since yahoo 360 days but have not used it much for several years now-it has really changed allot. I used to make my own slideshows over there but could not find that feature-so if it's still there let me know where to find it please if you use them.
   I have really enjoyed this creative process. I tore out most all of the pages in the Time Life Sewing book that I picked up for this purpose. I then went through and chose colorful pages from the book to embellish and resew back into the book, I also made pockets or envelopes from these pages too. These are alternated with the handmade papers I purchased from papermaker Gayle on Etsy
   I had purchased papers from two different paper artists and their work is totally different. The papers I purchased that fit the size of this book were very thick-which I had asked for-and much more expensive so I only bought one set and it won't be enough pages for this project-so I decided to save those for a different journal-they can stand on their own with just covers-so need to learn how to sew that together.
   The papers from Gayle that I am using I had bought with another book in mind but decided I love these Time Life books better-so with these papers being a bit to short I just tore a piece in four strips to then hand sew onto the handmade papers to make the right size-adds texture and whimsey so I love it.
   I am now needing to make 8 more pages and then sew in around 16 pages, and I had left the table of contents pages in tack at back of book-so am going to sew those into more envelopes-or pockets . I will end up having over 25 pages total or around 50 if I count both sides of the pages. So plenty of room to enter in my hand dyed samples of yarns and cloth.

  Well, I wanted to bring my photobucket album I made to here but  can't get it to work-and I did make this album public-I added the link and it still won't work-sigh  so will bring over a few photos instead

  Yesterday morning Sir John's family was in the pond closest to the house-I saw them there when I was filling up the hummingbird feeders-but later when I went outdoors they were gone. I checked all the ponds and even walked about a mile to the fence line of a neighbor that has a big pond-and still no geese-sigh-so hoping they will stop by and visit us again as I miss them already. On another note, my Mom fell again and broke her other hip-but thank goodness not as bad as the one she broke a year ago-It's just about exactly a year since her first fall and the worsening of her dementia. I hope the scientist find a remedy soon for this horrible dementia disease.

Loving my journal so far photo 018-2.jpg Handmade paper photo 003-3.jpg I sewed back in pages from book photo 005-2.jpg Handmade paper photo 007-2.jpg Handstitched pages into book photo 008-1.jpg  photo 010-4.jpg Added in silk ribbons,buttons, beads photo 011-3.jpg  photo 009-1.jpg My rust dye fabric on reclaimed lining with butterflys photo 004-1.jpg More handmade papers to go into book photo 017-2.jpg My little work space on the coffee table photo 019-1.jpg


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